BUSINESS NEWS: Arthur and Frances Mayfield Foundation to Offer Scholarships

From Terry Minggia: Please take a look, like and support the Arthur and Frances Mayfield Foundation, a tax exempt 501(c)(3) not-for-profit foundation, on Facebook or at their website to help at-risk and underprivileged youth whose parents are incarcerated get a scholarship so they will not follow the path of their parents. All donations are tax deductible and you can donate by pushing the donation button or donate at the nearest Wells Fargo Bank. [Arthur and Frances Mayfield Foundation]
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Additional Information:
The main purpose of the Foundation is to educate under-privileged youth and to promote and provide scholarships for those whose parents are in jail or prison. We would like to help them pursue a education that we hope will be a deterrent to keep them from following their parents’ path and give them HOPE for a better life through education.

The Arthur and Frances Mayfield Foundation was formed formally in the state of Colorado January of 2017. However, the concept has long been in the hearts of founders Eugene A. Mayfield, artist, and Willis T. “Terry” Minggia, Sr., entertainment and artist management professional.

The mission of the Foundation is to provide educational resources, counsel on vocational options and an understanding for the importance of higher education while providing scholarships for the benefit of under-privileged inner-city greater Denver youth.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education. Martin Luther King, Jr

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~ Nelson Mandela

Terry Minggia is President of the Foundation and he is shepherding the formation and business/ finance end. Eugene Mayfield is putting all his original art in trust with the Foundation. Over 200 pieces of fine-art quality prints on canvas and metal, artist signed, are being offered for sale for the sole benefit of the non-profit Foundation. Other items are also available. For full details, please visit

Denver residents – the late Arthur W. and Frances A. Mayfield – dedicated their lives in hard work and devotion to a family of 17 children and their children. Frances Mayfield worked as a cook for St. Joseph’s Hospital providing meals for the nuns; the hospital also ran an orphanage. Her personal philanthropy was providing food for those hungry and homeless. Her heart was taken by little two- year-old Eugene, adopted him, and provided the love and care that would nurture the toddler from youth to full manhood. Not much will be found in archives of these two remarkable modest people but much is embedded in many hearts and a legacy of giving back to the community and others to enrich all. Members of the Annunciation Catholic Church, Arthur was an usher and member of the Knights of Columbus. The Mayfields passed on strong values to their children and Eugene carries much gratitude for lessons learned from Frances’ soul and at the knee of Arthur. Around the age of nine, Eugene recalls Arthur sitting in the backyard with him pointing out the miracle of a tree and how it grows. Arthur explained the roots are deep to hold up the trunk, so that it can supply the limbs with the nourishment to survive – he used this metaphor to teach Eugene that the man is to be the provider and responsible for his family. Through this lesson, and Frances’ role model, Eugene has spent his working life providing and feeding any child who is hungry and now, with the Foundation, he will be able to feed their minds as well and with his art, their souls.

Eugene Mayfield, while being loved by his parents, the feeling of “other” is always present and he postulates this may be at the core of his dreams and ultimately his art, reaching for a rooted connection. If one looks closely at his paintings, trees in all manifestations are represented. He states, “I am bringing my past into my future.” Thus, with business and entertainment professional, and family member, Terry Minggia, these two grassroots philanthropists have pooled their resources to make a sustaining, powerful legacy for Arthur and Frances, and for themselves. Eugene states he is feeling his mortality and one will find that also in his work. 2017 [Jude DeLorca]

Nietzsche said, “The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.” Such is the inspiration of Denver artist, Eugene A. Mayfield, who having been adopted at age two and brought into the loving and large family of Arthur W. and Frances A. Mayfield, has felt immense life-long gratitude and his art continues their legacy of giving back to the community.

Inspired from early toddler days by his adoptive mother, Frances Mayfield, a love of color and shape began. She provided all the positive reinforcement to her youngest, nurturing the germinating talent as best she could. Beginning at age nine with crafting figures from rock and glue to today, Mayfield employs palette handle, brushes, sticks, thumbnail, even socks to obtain the texture in his abstracts and landscapes. “I become the paint; the Man Above guides my hand and everything.”

Untutored with no formal training and evoking the Proto-surrealist, naïve art of Rousseau much admired by Picasso and Kandinsky for its sincerity and directness, Mayfield draws from his unaffected core images of mystery with the paradox of commonplace and the exotic. He leaves it for others to interpret; he paints as his core dictates. His dreams inspire the magic realism that informs his unconventional forms. His “shadow people” speak to an existence in his soul of centuries-old spirits, perhaps summoning African nkisi, ancient power figures that believed everything had a life force. Startled awake at wee a.m. hours, he immediately gets up and sets the images on paper. “It’s a gift,” he states, “to not get up and honor it, would be to forfeit it – gone forever.”

Within the broad range of imagery that Mayfield presents, he basically has two worldviews: peace and harmony; and imminent fragility and precariousness. Whether pastoral, landscape, or urban, the primitifs are a play of these world views; showing lush blossom-laden trees with other-worldly stripped-bare limbed trees; bright flowers and sparkling waters with black birds circling; a world of nature, but out of balance and perspective; figures perched on precipices; and full spiritual circles, zones of contemplation. Mayfield’s abstracts are as intriguing as any of Clyfford Still – the powerful stroke, the swath of color – and embedded are his floating figures caught and held captive, or they are guardians watching over human folly – depending on the worldview you choose.

The more than 200 paintings, to date, are very personal and Mayfield honors the gift he was given to find a path out of that secret place within in order to touch others. Edward Hopper said, “Great art is the outward expression of an inner life in the artist, and this inner life will result in his personal vision of the world.” Welcome to Eugene Mayfield’s. 2017 [Jude DeLorca]

The President
Willis Minggia, Sr., also known as Terry, is an artist in his own right, with a 40-year investment in the entertainment industry, including performance, promotion, and artist management. Willis founded an organization in 1981 called UMOJA, where he launched the first Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., march from his organization here in Denver.

He received the Martin Luther King, Jr., Humanitarian Award in 1996, the Chairman’s Award in 2011, and continues to work with the MLK Holiday Commission as one of the Marshalls for the present day Marade.

Aside from his founding and continuing his work with the Martin Luther King, Jr., Marade, Willis also volunteers services to various non-profit organizations as an Entertainment Coordinator. Willis – “Terry” – also serves on the Board of the Colorado Music Business Organization (“COMBO”), a not-for-profit group that helps musicians learn about the business end of the music industry.

After receiving a degree in Business Administration/Business Management from Regis University, Willis recently retired from a 30-year span of service with CenturyLink, f/k/a Mountain Bell, US West, and Qwest. During his service, he worked in both management and non-management positions. He also worked at Albertson’s as a Data Processing Manager.

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