BUSINESS NEWS: COMBO Member Laurie Dameron Selected to Attend Conference in Cairo // Ticketmaster to Kill Long Lines by Checking Event Attendees in with Smartphone Audio Data

BUSINESS NEWS: COMBO Member Laurie Dameron Selected to Attend Conference in Cairo // Ticketmaster to Kill Long Lines by Checking Event Attendees in with Smartphone Audio Data

Please Support Laurie’s trip to Cairo! My colleagues and I are attending our 2017 International Business and Professional Women Congress! Chapter President of BPW Boulder and Laurie, Chair of Environmental and Sustainable Development, have been nominated for awards for our work to be received in Cairo, Egypt!

There are over 2000 of you on this newsletter so even the smallest donation ($5?) can add up!
Laurie has started a Go Fund Me and you can find it here:

I know some folks don’t like doing the credit card thing online so if you’d like you can send me a check or make it tax deductible (below here) OR buy music online! I was just notified by CD Baby that physical copies of all three of my CD’s are overstocked! Get a real copy of Utah Dream here!

About half of my “What Can I Do?” Spaceship Earth presentations I do free of charge as it is a labor of love! But I do have expenses. You can make a tax deductible donation here:

From Laurie’s Go Fund Me Page description:
My BPW colleagues and I are heading for Cairo! Our Chapter President of BPW Boulder and I have been nominated for awards of our work to be received at our International Congress in Cairo, Egypt on October 21, 2017!

As you can imagine it’s quite expensive! I know many of you that will see this so even the smallest of donations would add up and help me with this expense! And you’d be helping our organization, women, and our beautiful planet Earth!

Business and Professional Women (BPW) is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that has been around since 1919. We were the first organization to support the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) written in 1923 which still has not been ratified for the USA! So BPW has been working tirelessly all these years on ERA, Equal Pay and all kinds of women’s issues. Our President of BPW Boulder is making great strides on Cities for CEDAW! (Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination of all Forms Against Women) going city by city in Colorado!

BPW has never had an Environmental and Sustainability Development Committee until the summer of 2015 when they elected me as chair! I guess I convinced them that none of these other issues are going to matter unless we get a handle on climate change! Since then I was elected as chair for Environmental Committee for NFBPWC (National Federation Business and Professional Women’s Clubs) for the U.S.A.

I have been learning so much in these last two years. Here are some accomplishments:
– Writing Green News article monthly
– Presenting Spaceship Earth: What Can I Do?
– Established Partnership with WeCan International (Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network)
– Participated in WeCan’s Days of Action 2015, 2016
– All BPW Colorado Chapters take Zero Waste Pledge
– Created Zero Waste One Sheet (why ZW is so important and how women lead the way)
– Facebook Campaign Simple Action of the Week January – June 2017
– Received BPW award of Trailblazer Woman of the Year Celebration of Women March 2017

I really don’t feel I’ve done enough, especially considering we have gone from climate change being a pressing issue to now becoming the biggest crisis and threat to human civilization we have ever faced! But I try not to dwell there but to focus on all the simple actions we can all take that can make a huge difference!

So I will continue to do all of the above but also starting to work on legislation such as making recycling simpler and making companies responsible for the symbols they put on products, banning Styrofoam, and working toward getting Environmental Education as part of the curriculum in schools.

[Editor’s note: Laurie is also a wonderful singer/songwriter/musician and pours her heart and soul into her work and programs. Help her out if you can!]

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Ticketmaster to Kill Long Lines by Checking Event Attendees in with Smartphone Audio Data

Ticketmaster is launching a new ticketing system that can passively check attendees into events using audio data from smartphones to reduce entry wait time. Rather than manually scanning a QR code or a barcode from a paper ticket, a “smart tone” technology can receive attendee’s data over their smartphone’s ultrasonic sound transmission to verify their mobile ticket and ID, allowing people to cruise in simply by showing a green approved screen on their phones.

The new e-ticketing system, called Presence, is powered by Lisnr, a Cincinnati-based company that previously partnered with event-planning startup Splash and Jaguar Land Rover. With Jaguar, for example, the company can identify the driver’s seat preferences and automatically adjust the settings by recognizing sound information sent from their unique smartphone.

The Ticketmaster and Lisnr partnership aims to reduce ticket fraud as a mobile ticket from the new technology not only ties it to the person’s account, but also their smartphone. So if someone else has sold you their ticket, once you’ve claimed it they will not longer be able to scan in as it has been transferred over to your unique device. According to VentureBeat, gaining access to a particular attendee’s smartphone also grants event venues precise geo-locations of each guest, allowing organizers to send personalized messages to individuals even as they move within the venue. In the future, Lisnr and Ticketmaster plan to add shopping capability with this sound recognition technology, so guests can purchase food and drink from their seats without waiting in line at concessions. The idea is similar to Google’s Nearby feature which lets users interact with surrounding services and devices that are between 30 to 100 feet in proximity.

Lisnr’s technology is currently in place at hundreds of venues, and the company expects a full global roll out to take place over the next four years.

By Natt [email protected]

[Thank you to Alex Teitz,, for contributing this article.]

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