BUSINESS NEWS: New ‘Entertainment Compound’ Moving into Event Space on Broadway

San Francisco-based Zen Compound is moving into what used to be the City Hall event space on Broadway near 12th Avenue.

The compound will include four different entities:

– Eco-systm (spelled without the “e”), a co-working space
– Mirus, a gallery focused on contemporary art
– Hive, a coffee and cocktail bar
– Temple Nightclub

“Zen Compound is an eco-conscious entertainment complex that I founded ten years ago, primarily driven by the nightclub,” said CEO and founder, Paul Hemming. “It’s been driven by my passions. It started primarily from DJ’ing 20 years ago in San Francisco, and I’m obsessed with music, and dancing, and art.”

Hemming said he looked at several cities for the complex expansion, including Los Angeles and Seattle, but Denver was the right fit.

“It just felt like a great city,” Hemming said. “The people here, incredibly-friendly, the quality of life seems great, incredible sunshine, amazing athletic departments – and we found an incredible space and that was one of the driving factors was a perfect location.”

Some of those factors Hemming considered were the density of the city, the number of nightclubs that already existed within the city, a growing population, and the number of co-working spaces available.

Construction on the Temple nightclub is already underway. It’s scheduled to open in October.

Hemming is still looking to fill several job positions for the complex including multiple positions within the nightclub, community managers, and gallery directors.

Anyone interested in applying for a job can go to the Zen Compound website and sign up for email updates on the facility and job opportunities.

The entire facility is expected to be up and running by early next year.

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The URL below contains a video with planners’ drawings on what the area is to look like:

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