EVENTS: COMBO Vocal & Voice-Over Workshop With Rachel Alena THIS Saturday

EVENTS: COMBO Vocal & Voice-Over Workshop With Rachel Alena THIS Saturday

Rachel Alena will present a workshop on “Vocals and Voice Overs” on Saturday, May 20th – 10:00 a.m.

Along with playing with Rachel and the Ruckus, Rachel is a professional voice talent and voice acting coach (and has been for over 20 years). Rachel is the recommended voice acting coach of Big Fish Talent Agency in Denver and has presented other workshops around town.

What: COMBO Workshop with Rachel Alena onVocals and Voice Overs
When: Saturday, May 20th
Where: Denver Musician Association Meeting Room, 10395 West Colfax, 2nd Floor (Golden Music Store – tall, white 5 story building on the north side of Colfax & Miller)
Time: 10:00 a.m. until noon
Cost: Absolutely FREE!
Who: Anyone – includes under 21s

Refreshments will be provided (although if you have a favorite non-alcoholic drink, please feel free to bring it with you).

Very often people in the voice over world have also been musicians and singers since it flexes similar muscles. Many singers have asked Rachel about it and said they wanted to learn more. Folks can learn the basics of how it all works, the ins-outs of the industry and they will do a fun read-through exercise.

Rachel had been a working voice over actor for over 20 years when Denver talent agency Big Fish Talent asked her to give a workshop. Why? Because, folks were asking the ladies at Big Fish if they could recommend a voice acting coach. Students wanted to know things like, ‘how do I become a voice over talent?’ ‘How do I get into voice acting?” Who hires voice actors?’ ‘Do I have a good voice for that type of work?’ So, Rachel gave her first workshop. From there on out, voice over students started coming for coaching. Then, as they referred more students to her, Rachel realized how much she loved watching people grow and use their voice!

Rachel now provides private voice over training as a voice acting coach for folks both in state and out-of-state from of her Louisville, Colorado voice acting studio, Big Bite Studio. Whether you are an actor who is looking to get into doing voice over recording or someone who just wants to express themselves using your voice, Rachel is available. Find your voice! Get into the world of voiceovers! And/or improve on your already established professional voice over career! As your coach, Rachel’s goal is to prepare you to be in the real world as a voice actor.

Want to hear more? You can watch, listen and check out Rachel Alena’s voice acting at YouTube, Rachel Alena .

Here’s a link to what Rachel does on her website along with information about her coaching:

What about Voice Over work? You’ll gain knowledge about expectations from producers and talent agencies. What do they look for in voice actors? Discover where voice over services are needed. Where are the jobs? How do you get them?

You can also learn about some of her experiences in doing voice over work at

Rachel @ big bite studio .com

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