EVENTS: COMBO’s Winning Songwriters’ Showcase – Sat. Nov. 18th at the Hard Rock Café

EVENTS: COMBO’s Winning Songwriters’ Showcase – Sat. Nov. 18th at the Hard Rock Café

Jenny Shawhan (from her website) – Showcasing at COMBO’s Songwriters Showcase on Nov. 18th

COMBO recently ran its 5th Annual Songwriting Contest where 19 songs were selected by our judges to be included on a compilation CD that is given out to music professionals all over the country. Those songwriters have been asked to showcase their songs during our Awards Ceremony which honors Colorado music-related businesses for their contributions to helping out musicians throughout the state. The Awards & Showcase Ceremonies will take place from 8:00 until 10:00 p.m. At 10:15, COMBO member and former award winning songwriter Jenny Shawhan (“Chasing May”, “Funkiphino”) will be showcasing original songs, including her new single “On She Goes”, backed by Joel Ashmore’s new band “Fifty Cent Friend” who will then continue the night’s entertainment to play some of your favorite cover tunes as well as many of their own award-winning originals. Terrific FUN band featuring COMBO memore Joel Ashmore on Bass. Come one, come all. Free! And since the Hard Rock Café is a full-restaurant, bring the family, enjoy dinner, and support our local songwriter/musicians!

What: COMBO’s 5th Annual Songwriting Contest Winners’ Showcase & Awards Ceremony
When: Saturday, November 18th
Where: Denver’s Hard Rock Café, 16th Street Mall
Time: 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. – Plus Special Guest Jenny Shawhan’s CD Release Party and winning songwriter Joel Ashmore’s Band at 10:15!
Cost: FREE!
Age: All ages!

1. “Warrior” by Marisa Nikole
2. “Afraid of Being Saved” by Kenzie Culver
3. “Butcher Or The Surgeon” by Spencer Townshend Hughes & Sid Riggs
4. “The Switch” by Andy Palmer
5. “Red Hill Road” John Bunzli
6. “Dirty Little Love Song” by Michael Morrow
7. “Odd Ball Blues” by Jeffrey Dallet
8. “Nothin’ Comes Easy (No Way)” by Erik Nelson & Michael Dunn
9. “More Of This” by Carolyn Hunter
10. “Let It Roll On” by Steve Shanholtzer
11. “Free Flight” by Steve Shanholtzer & Will Pearsall
12. “How Do You Make Love Stay” by Steve Shanholtzer & Gary Smalley
13. ” Comforting” by Samuel Shoop
14. “Mariposa (feat. Joe Anderies)” by Joel Ashmore
15. “Fly Away” by Melissa Lycan
16. “Wait To Rust” by Kayla Marque
17. “Paid In Full” by Spencer Townshend Hughes & Samantha Rae
18. “Win This Time” by Jerry Greene
19. “Santa’s Wish” by George Whitesell

Performing (not necessarily in this order) will be Marisa Nicole, Kenzie Culver, Spencer Townshend Huges, Andy Palmer, Michael Morrow, Jeffrey Dallet, Joel Ashmore, Melissa Lycan with Jason Lycan, Kayla Marque, and Jerry Greene.

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