EVENTS: Innervision FM and Divine America Present Open House and Resource Fair July 28th // Innervision and Mercury Café Present Ray Anthony and Power Slyde August 2nd

EVENTS: Innervision FM and Divine America Present Open House and Resource Fair July 28th // Innervision and Mercury Café Present Ray Anthony and Power Slyde August 2nd

Ray Anthony and Power Slyde (from their website)

Divine America has a vision of being the most prominent network of artists, individuals, and organizations. Divine America’s vision is that the network formed within it invigorates so much passion for a future reality, that it will allow the community it serves to support the direction which Divine America and represents. Through highlighting similarities rather than differences, Divine America allows for like-mission artists, individuals, and organizations to work together in order to achieve their respective goals at little or no additional cost to themselves… All while giving back!

Entering the market in 2010, Divine LLC (dba Divine America) is established as a brand management company that provokes positive change within the current values of mainstream media. This is accomplished by helping young people to find their voice by supporting their development as artists and through the educational system. The Company began out of a realization and frustration that popular media proportionately over-promotes messages that are hyper-sexual, violent and otherwise contradictory to the founding ideals of the United States. Divine America allows students to be taught by local professional artists, entrepreneurs and college students who know first-hand what it takes to overcome the struggles of neighborhood culture.

20% of ALL product sales REVENUE is donated to Divine America’s Teaching Program for Youth! This is a unique collaboration with Open MediaFoundation and Denver Open Media. Find out more! Visit

July 28th, 2018 – Denver Open Media – 700 Kalamath St., Denver, CO 80204
2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Studio B

2:30 pm – Welcome youth talent sign up begins
Upper room of Denver Open Media
Finger food, Pizza and soft drinks.
Please RSVP!

Music video playlist on screen

2:00 pm – Welcome and event introduction
Introduce partners DEW and CLEP
Announce Company mission and vision, Relate to personal story and display 9News version

2:10 pm – Begin talking the audience through a synopsis of our teaching program by announcing media and music statistics and popular themes in the United States (to expand from Merow’s personal story)

Show Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” and speak towards Jackson’s personal aim to help correct societies wrongdoings through his personal life and talents

Show Lil Wayne’s “Mirror” (with Bruno Mars) to relate to current artists and similar struggles.

2:30 pm – Recognize local Denver artists who have assisted the Company’s teaching program (Artist Legends) and celebrate their success. The goal of this is to help expand this artist’s audience as well as thank them publicly for their assistance

2:45 pm – Introduce Dr. Detrain Walker and Jessica Sandoval to share their work and efforts, and invite additional support

2:55 pm – Announce Company plans to introduce Artist Boost services beginning in the fall of 2018 (September)

K2B performance

MurdaSho Independent performance

Laura Krencious American Sign Language (ASL) performance of “Paralyzed” (by NF)

Innervision’s Becky Lopez two songs; Performance

3:15 pm – Announce plans for helping fund afterschool program that supports Innervision and Its related goals

3:25 pm – Outline plan for the talent showcase to be held on September 12th 2018 “The Day After” (more to come)

3:30 pm – Introduce and outline Divine America’s Company goals and alignment with the City of Denver and Its Cultural plan through the year 2020 “IMAGINE 2020”

3:40 pm – Closing

* * * * *
Innervision and Mercury Café Present Ray Anthony and Power Slyde August 2nd

Innervision, a nonprofit for disabled musical artists, is looking for a door person at our upcoming event at Mercury Café, August 2, 7:00 p.m. to 11:15 p.m.

Person must be friendly, able to ask for money at the door, or s paper receipt from PayPal. and be honest! Pay will be discussed and agreed upon at the point of hiring.

Email Innervision at [email protected]

What: Innervision & Mercury Café presents Ray Anthony and Power Slyde
Where: Mercury Café, 2199 California St., Denver, CO 80205
When: August 2, 2018
Time: Doors open at 7:00 p.m. – music starts at 8:00 p.m. till 11:00 p.m.
Cost: $9.50 on-line; $10.00 at the door
Ages: 21+ only

This is a fundraiser for Innervision!

Join Ray Anthony and the Power Slyde for a night of Jazz, Funk Style! Featuring old school dance and funk.

Fantastic organic food, drink specials and you!

Get your tickets now at

Meet Ray Anthony and Power Slyde:
In 2007 the music business, along with the technology that changed the music business model, caught Ray Anthony’s interest. Once technology had leveled the playing field, it made the music industry accessible for all to participate. Ray was inspired to write, compose & copyright a large catalog of original music. The musical works that ensued birthed a musical journey including the project “PowerSlyde”.

Recognizing that the music industry’s model continues to evolve, the band’s works continue to morph, allowing it to capture and capitalize on opportunities that have value and integrity. The band is an original Duke City, New Mexico talent performing throughout the state and the Southwest. PowerSlyde is always excited to perform and would love to share its music with you.

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