EVENTS: ‘Showing Hope’ for Valentine’s Day thru Feb.18th to Benefit Adoptive Families

EVENTS: ‘Showing Hope’ for Valentine’s Day thru Feb.18th to Benefit Adoptive Families

David Henning asks for YOUR help with Adoption.

Denver artist David Henning is ‘Showing Hope’ for Valentine’s Day through the rest of the week, and encouraging others to do the same. David has started a crowdfunding page, where all donations go to an organization that help make adoption possible, by providing grants to adoption families.

While bringing awareness to this need and focusing on something non-political, his hope is to inspire others to give back. Even if one chooses to donate to something completely different, encouraging a giving spirit is the goal.

More than anything it’s about doing something positive with whatever gifts you have been given!

If you are a fellow singer/songwriter/musician and want to help, here’s how you can:
● Give a portion of your merch sales to this cause for one day, or make a donation
● Show your fans you care about other needs/causes outside of funding your next project
● Encourage others to share their gifts while also giving back

The Colorado music community is ever growing and producing some of the best music out there. Let’s continue to grow and stand out for all the right reasons.

All music sales from my website this week will go to this charity:

David Henning

[Editor’s Note: David is a COMBO member and a member of the band ‘Chasing May’ as well as being a talented solo artist. David also finished second in COMBO’s 4th Annual Songwriting Contest with his song “Back Page”, a little knock on pop music and major record labels. “Back Page is featured on the COMBO Winners’ compilation CD for 2016.]

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