IN MEMORIAM: Local Musician Kevin Daley Passes // Other Notable Musicians’ Deaths

From Clarence Cage on FB, 2/25/19: I just got a terrible call, telling me my long-time friend and fellow musician Kevin Daley passed yesterday! He told me he had ALS a few weeks ago. “Kelvin” and I worked at Veldkamp’s Flowers in the 80’s and jammed together from time to time. We used to exchange various remedies for diabetes and HBP. Damn!! I’d rather it was just another spice to try from Kev. He passed on many to me! What an ugly call, but on one hand, he was in pain and I totally relate to that! This may be better.

Goodbye, old friend. Play guitar for the best audience ever! R.I.H., my friend… I WILL MISS YOU, “Mr. Bluesman”

On Facebook, David Booker has lots of photos of Mr. Daley as well as a ton of tributes from many musicians regarding Kevin.

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Other Notable Musicians’ Deaths…

February 2019

27: Doug Sandom, 89, English drummer (The Who).

26: Andy Anderson, 68, English rock drummer (The Cure, The Glove, Steve Hillage), cancer; Magnus Lindberg, 66, Swedish musician, cancer; Tavito, 71, Brazilian musician, composer and record producer, oral cancer.

25: Mark Hollis, 64, English singer-songwriter (Talk Talk).

24: Marcos Antonio Urbay, 90, Cuban musician; Mac Wiseman, 93, American bluegrass musician (Foggy Mountain Boys).

23: Ira Gitler, 90, American jazz historian and journalist; Dorothy Masuka, 83, Zimbabwean – born South African jazz singer, complications from hypertension.

21: Gus Backus, 81, American doo-wop (The Del-Vikings) and schlager singer; Jean- Christophe Benoît, 93, French baritone; Sequeira Costa, 89, Portuguese pianist, cancer; Stanley Donen, 94, American film director (Singin’ in the Rain, On the Town, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers), heart failure; Jackie Shane, 78, American singer (body discovered on this date); Peter Tork, 77, American musician and actor (The Monkees), complications of adenoid cystic carcinoma; Hilde Zadek, 101, German soprano.

20: Dominick Argento, 91, American composer, Pulitzer Prize winner (1975); Fred Foster, 87, American Hall of Fame record producer (“Only the Lonely”, “Oh, Pretty Woman”) and songwriter (“Me and Bobby McGee”); Gerard Koerts, 71, Dutch musician (Earth and Fire); Peter Rüchel, 81, German music journalist, founder of Rockpalas; Ekkehard Wlaschiha, 80, German operatic baritone, Grammy winner (1990, 1991).

19: Vicious, 51, American rapper, complications from cancer.

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