Kudos to Andy Palmer, Erica Brown and the CCMHOF winners


Immersive Records is very excited to announce that Andy Palmer has joined the Immersive roster! Andy’s gritty folk-rock sets him apart from any other singer-songwriter you have heard in the last 20 years. His musical rawness truly defines every essence of the word and his voice’s unique and resonating qualities never make you question who you are listening to. His story telling narratives have been paralleled to Bob Dylan, and although he growls like Tom Waits, the melodic nature of his voice makes him his own.

Immersive owner and producer Steve Vidaic has had a long standing friendship with Palmer, and his desire to capture Andy’s sound and vibe inspired a new musical relationship between Palmer and Immersive.

Andy, with band in tow, has been recording two new singles at Immersive (release date TBA) with engineering and production by Mike Yach and Steve Vidaic, to create the perfect musical formula. The two new songs have taken to beautiful form with full band presence, performed and tracked live to capture the entirety of the gritty musical paintings that Palmer and his band have perfected the art of creating.


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Well, alrighty… time for yet another announcement. Some of you knew this, some of you didn’t. In all the years I’ve been a musician, I have also held a full-time job. I never talked much about it, because with my love for my art, I didn’t want to be seen as a “hobbyist” or a “part-timer” because my music is my life. I’ve put enough work into the process over these years to keep a lot of y’all in the dark about it, and I’ve never slowed down on the music. However, I can now let you all know that my hindrances to touring and everything else that kept me from being on the scene full-time are being lifted, and I hope to be out there nationally in 2015. I am retiring from my job (I work for the University of Colorado) as of early October.

CU has been an amazing employer for me, has helped me raise my daughter, and because of the outstanding medical facility within what is now the University of Colorado Hospital (It was University Hospital then) in 2000, saved my life and career when I had vocal cord cancer. My surgeon, Dr. Mona Abaza, and my Vocal Therapist, Kate Emerich Gordon, literally gave me a new lease on life and have been my angels ever since. I love them both dearly and cannot properly express in words how blessed I have been to have them in my life.

Kudos also to the National Center for Voice and Speech, where I went for vocal rehab. It’s gonna get HOT up in Heah in 2015, folks, so let the music games begin in earnest!!! I’m going to take the month of October off (what???) and rest and regroup in the process of beginning this new phase of my life. What with Dan Treanor’s Afrosippi Band with Erica Brown, and The Frails, and the traveling and solo touring I would like to put together next year, MJ Merrian Johnson and I are gonna be some busy ladies!! Stay tuned, y’all!!!

Posted by Erica on Facebook, 8/14/14

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The CCMHOF staged its annual Country Music Induction and Awards Show last Sunday, August 17th at the Boulder Elks Club. It was a well-organized program with lots of deserving artists being inducted and winning performance awards as well as service awards.

The program started with the CCMHOF band leading all in the National Anthem. An introduction of the board of directors and showcase band followed.

The following awards were given out:
President’s Award: Rocky Hoery
Ambassador’s Award: Boulder Elks
Venue of the Year: Lupita’s Restaurant
Inductees: Gary LaDuke, Albert Leon Payne, Mell Jackson, Terri Cee, Rodney Meade, Dick Frost, Greta Smith, and Ron Kramer.
Posthumous Inductees: Rick Vance and Lloyd Parmalee
Appreciation Award: Kay Briggs
Lloyd Parmalee Award: Simone Cossey

Artists Performance Awards:
Band of the Year: Rudy Grant & The Buffalo Riders
Female Country Vocalist of the Year: Debbie Bell
Male Country Vocalist of the Year: Bob Briggs
Country Song Writer of the Year: Pam Osburn
Instrumentalist of the Year: Chris Alan
Entertainer of the Year: Rudy Grant (COMBO MEMBER!)

This information was sent by:
Ron Kramer, President


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