KUDOS: Congratulations to Todd Allen of Mega Music in Sterling on Its 20th Anniversary

KUDOS: Congratulations to Todd Allen of Mega Music in Sterling on Its 20th Anniversary

From Todd Allen of Mega Music in Sterling, CO on Fb, 8/30/17: It has taken me a while to decide what to post & what to say about Sunday’s event. Here goes – we planned a GREAT party for Mega Music’s & Terry’s Computer Asylum’s 20th year anniversary. ALL FREE! 3 great bands…. Spanish, Classic Rock, great country from Ritchie Law (from American Idol). 3 FREE Bounce houses! PERFECT weather… and.. and… an AWESOME event.. for about 75 people… was not even going to post video or pics…To be there was much better than just watching the video!

However, you would think after 20 years in Sterling, all the things we have done for our community and all the people we have helped out and been in contact with – and it ALL being a FREE – we would see more people out. We were so disappointed but, regardless, we had a great time!

Thank you to Lisa Kim Young for the great story in the paper!

LAST… We THANK YOU ALL that did get off your booties.. LOL… and SHOW UP. You were spoiled with FREE bounce houses for the kiddos… 3 GREAT bands.. and TONS of FREE goodies like gift cards from Jimmy Johns, Orange leaf Yogurt and Sam & Louie’s. Thank you Denise and Mike for being there! Laptop, lots of instruments, Free T-shirts, hats and more. I think most everyone left with at least something!!

We will be posting our Thank yous in our next post.. because to be around 20 years there are many to thank! And thanks for reading all this.. LOL. I know it was long.

[Editor’s note: Mega Music and Todd Allen (and Todd’s various bands) have helped out and supported many, many of Sterling’s community events as well as other events in the surrounding area. Saddened that they received little support back for their event. Regardless, Todd, COMBO sends it love and “Congratulations” on 20 years of Mega Music’s being around. Doesn’t seem like that long at all.]

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