KUDOS: Five of the Greatest People in Denver’s Music Scene: November 2017

Westword Editor’s note: No doubt the Mile High music scene is rich these days, thanks to its fans, bookers, promoters, musicians, sound engineers, techs and the like. And we’re grateful for all the people who make it what it is. Each month we’ll be introducing you to five people doing the most for music in this city. Here are five (listed in no particular order).

Claudia Woodman
For years, Claudia Woodman, who plays keytar as Claudzilla, has been booking Denver’s best weirdo acts in the cracks and crevices of this city. Few people fight for what’s right like Woodman, who is sure to call it like she sees it, working to ensure that the music scene is safe for all. While many in the music industry do it for the money, Woodman does it for a pure love of all things DIY, underground and on the edge of acceptable, long before they hit the mainstream — which most things she champions never do.

● Michelle Rocqet
● Scott Campbell
● Lisa Gedgaudas
● Jessi Whitten

By Kyle Harris | Westword | 11/30/17

Read the covers on Michelle Rocqet, Scott Campbell, Lisa Gedgaudas, and Jessi Whitten here:

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Kyle Harris quit making documentaries and started writing when he realized that he could tell hundreds of stories in the same amount of time it takes to make one movie. Now, hooked on the written word, he’s Westword’s Culture Editor and writes about music and the arts.

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