KUDOS: Five of the Greatest People in Denver’s Music Scene: October 2017

KUDOS: Five of the Greatest People in Denver’s Music Scene: October 2017

Aaron Saye in front of the 7th Circle Building (photo by Geri Saye)

Westword Editor’s note: No doubt the Mile High music scene is rich these days, thanks to its fans, bookers, promoters, musicians, sound engineers, techs and the like. And we’re grateful for all the people who make it what it is. Each month we will be introducing you to five people doing the most for music in this city. Here are the first five (listed in no particular order).

[Read the whole article for October’s other four! Aaron has helped COMBO out so we pass his accolades along…]

Aaron Saye
Aaron Saye, the congenial brains behind Seventh Circle Music Collective, has been showing up for Denver’s DIY scene for nearly a decade, running soundboards, documenting shows and booking thousands of bands in a garage off Federal Boulevard. Few people in the music community have shown the humility and dedication of Saye, and he has rightfully garnered widespread admiration.

By Kyle Harris | Westword
We’d love to hear who your favorite people are in this city’s music scene. Send nominations to [email protected]

Kyle Harris quit making documentaries and started writing when he realized that he could tell hundreds of stories in the same amount of time it takes to make one movie. Now, hooked on the written word, he’s Westword’s Culture Editor and writes about music and the arts.

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[Our note: Aaron came to the rescue for the Durango Songwriters Expo with a video camera for resident videographer Algie Powers. We are eternally grateful to Aaron for his help!]

From Aaron Saye on Facebook, 10/25/17:
Aw. I’m so honored and humbled to have been included in Westword’s first monthly installation about movers and shakers in the Denver music scene. Super stoked to see recognition for the other 4 who were listed with me, Mercury Cafe’s owner in particular (that place rules so much), and I’m looking forward to more of these monthly pieces to bring us all closer together in this community than we already are!

We really are lucky to have such camaraderie in this city’s music scene. I encounter bands and promoters and journalists supporting each other so much, and I very seldomly encounter people competing, which is incredible, given the ever-growing scope and size of our music-based community in Denver. There are amazing shows to go to everywhere, every night.

Speaking of rad shows to go to, this week at 7th Circle just keeps getting better. Hip hop tonight, hardcore/punk tomorrow, psyche-rock/gypsy-rock on Friday, and a whole smorgasbord of stuff on Saturday. Sunday’s our semiannual cover show (!!), and Monday is just full of amazing music too. Gonna be a blast, hope to see you this week!

Tonight: Rap Night!- Maxie / Neptune / V C Hearts / Kash Krop / and more!
Tomorrow: Punk / hardcore show! – Victim Culture / Enemy (LA, CA) / Self Proclaimed Narcissist / Bitter Suns / The Cux at 7th Circle
Friday: Halloween Party! – Today’s Paramount/Giardia/Never Kenezzard/Ora/Chaff/Enji
Saturday: Travipalooza! @ 7th Circle
Sunday: 7th Circle Halloween Cover Night! – The Dead Milkmen / The Unfriended / Violent Femmes / Kings of Leon / Zack Michael & the Classics
Monday: Dance-/math-pop show! Andrés / Demon In Me / Digisaurus / Yes Ma’am / more TBA at 7th Circle!

Go to some shows, see some new bands, meet some new people, and let’s make things even more amazing than they already are!

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