COMBO’s 2017 Songwriting Contest ended on August 1st. These entrants had the highest scores and their songs will be placed on the compilation CD that will be distributed to record companies, publishers, music supervisors, managers, agents, and more not only at the Durango Songwriters Expo at the Westminster Marriott on October 5̀-7th, but will also be mailed to other companies that have agreed to accept them ahead of time.

We want to thank all the entrants for their support of COMBO and sincerely hope that this event will help them in their careers.

And a BIG THANK YOU goes to CODA for helping us in this project. If you need to have your CDs replicated, CODA is fast, accurate, and handy – Aurora, CO! You can pick them up if needed! Http://www.CODA-inc.com
Winning the drawing for the free entry into the Durango Songwriters Expo is Dustin Adams. Congratulations, Dustin! Http://www.Durango-Songwriters-Expo.com

These are listed in no particular order other than “Warrior” scored the highest points!

● “Warrior” by Marisa Nikole
● “Afraid of Being Saved” by Kenzie Culver
● “Free Flight” By Steve Shanholtzer & Will Pearsall
● “Let It Roll On” by Steve Shanholtzer
● “How Do You Make Love Stay” by Steve Shanholtzer & Gary Smalley
● “Wait to Rust” by Kayla Marque
● “Butcher or the Surgeon” by The Hollow
● “Santa’s Wish” by George Whitesell
● “Comforting” by Samuel Shoop
● “Red Hill Road” by John Bunzli
● “The Switch” by Andy Palmer
● “Paid In Full” by The Hollow
● “Mariposa” by Joel Ashmore
● “More Of This” by Carolyn Hunter
● “Fly Away” By Melissa Lycan
● “Nothing Comes Easy” by Erik Nelson & Michael Dunn
● “Win This Time” by Jerry Greene

We will send out the judges’ scores and comments to each entrant sometime after Labor Day. Again, THANK YOU to all the contestants.

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