Laurie Dameron Available for Holiday Parties // Now Playing — Now Playing! // Jeff Gadd Looking for Co-Writer

COMBO member Laurie Dameron reminds us that she and/or her band are available for your holiday party. All your favorite holiday tunes!!! Solo, duo, trio, full band!

Any number of combinations; guitar/vocals and bass, guitar/vocals and horn or flute, trio…. my musicians are some of the best in Colorado!

“Laurie can be background yet create a nice ambiance or be more upbeat and has been known to get folks up and dancing even as a solo act! “

Windchime Productions
Boulder, CO

Contact Laurie at:
[email protected]

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“Our previous shows were held at Black Shirt Brewing,” says Gabe Dohrn, Denver Film Company’s founder, “and they were very successful. But now we’ve outgrown the brewery space. The Sidewinder gets us room for a bigger audience along with the stage and lighting we need for a high quality production like ours.”

The night’s performers will be filmed by Denver Film Company and recorded by Evergroove Studio. The resulting film and audio will be edited for television broadcast with Colorado Public Television, thanks to a newly signed agreement between CPTV and Denver Film Company.

Ten-minute clips from previous Now Playing tapings are now showing on CPTV’s Sounds on 29th music program, which airs from 9-10 p.m. each Saturday night. CPTV has begun airing 30-minute Now Playing segments each Saturday night, as part of the station’s acclaimed weekend music programming.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Now Playing,” says Brad Haug, CPTV’s Director of Programming. “It’s a project with the right idea and the right players, and it’s happening at the right time.”

Previous Now Playing episodes — all artfully filmed and edited by Dohrn and his staff — can be seen at

Now Playing’s producers are now seeking sponsors to help fund production of the series for CPTV, which welcomes over 650,000 viewers each week.

“With CPTV on board with us” Dohrn says, “our reach is instantly bigger and covers all of Colorado. It’s a giant leap forward for our project. We think it’ll inspire more people to support their local bands and the artists we feature.”

Creative inspiration is what led Black Shirt’s founders to help produce Now Playing. “Music drives so much of what we do here at BSB,” says Black Shirt head brewer and co-founder Branden Miller.

“We’ve created our own little fun factory here at Black Shirt,” Miller says, “where we get to use our experience, passion and skills to create unique and flavorful beer. Then we share it with people that are inspired and inspiring.”

“That’s the kind of scenario,” Miller adds, “that we want for the musicians we feature on Now Playing. We want to help them live their dream as we do.”

For more details on Now Playing, interviews with the show’s artists and producers, and other info contact Marty Jones at 303-860-7448 (office), 720-289-9345 (cell), or [email protected]

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ATTENTION ALL MUSICIANS AND FRIENDS!! I am looking for a singer or singer songwriter to write music with me. Besides being a Realtor, I am a Berklee College of Music Graduate with a degree in “Songwriting”. I have the musical talent but I need a singer to help with melody and words that will express all kinds of human emotion! I want the songs to touch people. I have music in all styles and a lot of it. I’m not married to any of my ideas and willing to change anything for the sake of the music. I need some one with an open mind that just wants to have fun and maybe if we are lucky, it will go some where. Please contact me if you know of someone or… maybe it’s you!

Contact Jeff Gadd at

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