MUSIC NOTES: Thank You Note From Guitars for Vets

MUSIC NOTES: Thank You Note From Guitars for Vets

Hello G4V Supporters! Thank you all for the great work that you have done for Guitars for Vets on behalf of our injured brothers and sisters that have served in the armed forces. The monetary, instrument and performance donations that you offered to the G4V mission in 2018 have brought peace to many. In some cases, it has saved lives. The symptoms of PTSD can be especially challenging to manage this time of year and you have made a difference!

G4V is about to open our 100th chapter in the USA and we are on a course to be operating 200 by the end of 2020!

BUT – as of the end of this past year, we were approximately $30K short of 2018’s fundraising goal. I believe we can reach this target if we engage our collective following with a Facebook fundraiser. The name of this annual endeavor is “The light is yours.” Light is life and we all have the power to illuminate those around us that are struggling in darkness. This is the essence of the many spiritual traditions that are celebrated around the winter solstice. As lovers of song and melody, we know that music is fuel for our inner light. The G4V mission empowers all to support our Vets by putting the healing power of music in their hands with guitars and lessons.

Your support and generosity will help more than we may ever know.

The light IS yours!

~ Patrick Nettesheim

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