NEWS: Band Gear Stolen From Matt Spinks’ Van

Matt Spinks on Fb, 3/06/17: Mother F****R! Band van got robbed. No amps, speakers, P.A., subs, lights… everything is gone. EDIT: I feel like I should edit this. So I really don’t care about the gear as much as I care about all of you guys caring about the post so thank you:-)

At this point I don’t care about the gear really at all. This is more like a particularly heavy straw on a particularly weathered back. The gear is just stuff. Not even nice stuff. Just crappy stuff that a guitar player could afford, haha. But yeah, thank you. You guys rock.

I’mma find that stuff, so help me. This is actually the fifth time this has happened. It’s getting old. I lost a Vega 18″ powered subwoofer, a few Behringer b212d powered speakers, a 16 channel Xenyx mixer, a giant bag of XLR cables, a tube screamer, a Boss tuner, a four fixture Chauvet led lighting rig with stands and controller… I think that’s it. Thank you all for keeping your eyes open for any of it!
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My friend Matt Spinks got his van broken into and I’m starting a fundraiser for him to recover his lost gear. Speakers, guitars, lights, and more.

Here is the Go Fund Me if you want to help Matt out:

Working in the music field myself I know it’s a real concern – keeping your gear safe. Theft happens far too often. Whatever you can help with will be much appreciated. Help spread the word!

Ron Beatteay

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