The Reality of the Music Business Today

Stumbled across this while looking for something else: The ways of the world often change from day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month and so on. The music industry is no different in that respect. The music business used to be two separate words, “Music” and “Business”. But today, it has become one word with the other just attached to the front – BUSINESS. The business doesn’t operate the way it used to 15- 20 years ago where, if you sang pretty decent, you could walk into the major label offices of Music Row, sit down, play your guitar and sing them a song or pitch them a demo tape from the outside, and maybe end up with a recording contract.

Today it’s completely different. You not only have to have some sort of talent but have “The Look” and, in most cases, be a great songwriter. It really helps your chances of stardom if you have investors in tow coming into the deal!! You must show the labels and industry insiders that you’re the real deal – that they can make money with you and, once you’ve proven to them you can sell records and appeal to the masses, then and only then will they take chances on you.

The music business is full of heartache, frustration, and disappointments and there are no guarantees you’ll ever become a success in the music business. You must be open to criticism, rejection, and be willing to make many sacrifices. That in addition to the never-ending hard work.

And you must live by the “Three P’s” in the music business: Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance. You must be willing to invest in your own career if ever having hopes of getting your foot in the door with the industry insiders.

If you’re working on the artist side of things, you must have professional production on yourself, and we’re not talking of local home studio demos. Shoddy work of your songs or recordings is “professional suicide”. If you use common sense and intelligence in this business, you’ll never go wrong.

Remember: You can go in a Volkswagen or a Cadillac but you’re competing against Lamborghinis, and making good music professionally is the bottom line- You only get one chance at “First Impressions”!

Jim Cartwright
Fame & Fortune Entertainment

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