RESEARCH: Major Preparations You Should Take As A Neophyte Singer In A Wedding Band

RESEARCH: Major Preparations You Should Take As A Neophyte Singer In A Wedding Band

Writer and musician Analisse Weathers

[Neophyte: New, beginner, novice!] By Analisse Weathers | Everyone loves to sing! Yes, you read that right. A lot of people want to sing because they want to have fun, they want to get away from life’s stresses and pressures, or they simply want to celebrate a worthwhile event in their life. No matter what the reason would be, singing is a great way of letting out our emotions at any given time of day.

While this may be true, a lot of people who have not been given a talent for singing but have an oozing passion for music do their very best when it comes to learning how to sing. Also, there are people who would like to join a performing band where they can execute like a professional musician. With this, they also want to sing at momentous events like birthdays, funerals, and most importantly, a wedding.

So today, as you go along and develop your skills in singing, let us bring you to a world of an excellent melody of a newbie’s preparation before joining a band. At the same time, once you have successfully chosen a band that you can join, you will also learn how to sing in a wedding like a pro. Let’s get started!

You Have To Undergo Rigid Vocal Training

One of the most important preparations you need to consider before joining a band to perform in a wedding is undergoing a rigid and thorough training. Bear in mind that practice makes perfect and there’s no other way for you to boost your singing talent and confidence by practicing.

Also, if you don’t’ know much about singing technique and want to develop it, you can seek help from voice coaches like at These people can ultimately teach you different singing methods that will most likely help you in joining a functioning band and performing in a wedding.

You Have To Love The Art Of Performing

Your main goal when singing in a band for a wedding is to come up with a cheerful atmosphere. You also want the wedding crowd to have fun and be entertained. Thus, you have to make sure that whenever you perform, you need to love what you are doing. Take note that your audience can feel your genuineness when performing.

During your training and rehearsals, you have the ability to refine your performance. Use variations of singing style and techniques to make sure that you connect with your audience all throughout your performance.

Dress Code and Presentation

When you join a vocal band and perform in events like weddings, you not only need an excellent singing talent and performing skills, it is also a requirement that you create an image by dressing properly. Most bands and singers tend to forget this area because they consider it less important.

In order to look like a professional performer, you need to dress appropriately. Singing with your band in a wedding is a great avenue for you to be discovered by possible future clients so it’s best that you dress well in order to gain respect from your audience.

Attacking in a battlefield without a complete skill set of armor can lose your troops. By the same manner you need to apply if you would like to join a band for the first time in order to perform at weddings. An above-average singer/performer comes to an audition with a good repertoire of song choices and a good set list.

In this way, you can work directly with your client and ask the bride and groom if they have a list of favorite songs that you can practice and sing at the event. Make sure you choose songs that are familiar and popular.

Prepare Yourself For Sacrifices And Investments

When you would like to fully embrace the life of a musician, you have to consider several things first. Like any other career you know, the life of a singer/performer is a scary, exciting and, at the same time, a rewarding life style.

Always consider the type of sacrifice you will be making in the future. If you are not committed to working full time, you may give everything to your band but, if you do, make sure you manage your time well. Be aware that there may be several personal monetary investments involved and you should be ready for them.


When you are a neophyte in a band and want to perform for a wedding but have a strong passion for music, this is the best time for you to develop your singing and performing skills. With the aid, the tips enumerated above, your chance of learning and honing your singing skills to join a band and perform in a wedding will surely be a piece of cake.

By Analisse Weathers

Analisse is a freelance vocal teacher and is proficient in playing piano, guitar, violin, and saxophone. She aims to share her passion for music with young aspiring artists and musicians.

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