SONGWRITERS’ CORNER: COMBO’s Featured Songs for November

White Fudge – not your ‘normal’ band!

Each month COMBO features songs from mostly Colorado Songwriters on its website. These songs are gleaned by COMBO’s Board Member and Secretary Mark King from many sources including the internet but mostly from entries into COMBO’s annual Songwriting Contest.

This month’s songs include:
● “Deal” – Trivial Psychic
● “Hit the Sheets” – White Fudge*
● “Hogwarsh” – Strange Americans
● “Water’s Edge” – Ambiance Evolution
● “Up to the Middle of the Sun” – Electro Hawk

* White Fudge are not role models. They’re not even human. They’re cartoons Some of the things they do would cause a real person to get hurt, expelled, arrested and possibly even deported. To put is another way: Don’t Try This at Home.

Mark deserves a lot of credit for helping out unsigned songwriters by spending a lot of time listening to songs, uploading them, and featuring them. If you have a song that you would like to be featured on COMBO’s website, send him an MP3 to [email protected], along with a little information on the song.

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