Songwriting Contest Rules


1. Deadline for entries is August 1, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

2. COMBO Staff contest administrators are: Barb Dye and Mark King. They will make the final decision on the winners. Our Judging Panel will consist of music lovers – none of whom write songs. They will choose from the most popular songs chosen by our non-musical judging panel. The panel may consist of teenagers, middle-aged, (and possibly older?) folks who still buy music!

3. The $10* entry fee must accompany each song submission. Multiple submissions are welcome. The name of the artist and the name of the song will remain confidential until the winner(s) are chosen. Judges will not have information about the artist or band name or even the name of the song they are listening to. We will maintain the tracking of the songs submitted by assigning a number. If you mail in your fee, please provide the song number that we provide for you so we can keep track who has paid the fee. When you submit a song and pay the entry fee, contest staff (not involved in the judging) will assign the song an entry number and email that song number back to the email address written on the online contest form when the song was submitted.

Please mail your song submission fee to:
Colorado Music Association
P.O. Box 18186
Denver, Colorado 80218

or pay online:

4. Submit music (MP3 format) and lyrics sheet as attachments to [email protected] after submitting the form. We will assign the song a number and then forward the MP3 track and lyrics sheet as a number (example: song7.mp3) to the judging staff for consideration.

5. This contest is not broad-based (i.e. world wide). We will only accept entries from COMBO Mailing List recipients.