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A Starbucks in Seattle offered a holiday special on Monday that beats any Groupon, free refill or 2-for-1 frappuccino deal out there: Mary J. Blige.

The Queen of Hip Hop Soul flew to Washington to surprise a group of 60 local women with a free performance of holiday tunes alongside producer David Foster. Starbucks closed the store for the occasion, and donated a portion of profits to the local YWCA, a national women’s organization aiming to empower women and end racism.

“It was everything for me to surprise them, for them to not know I was coming or for them to not know what they were in for,” the Grammy winner told King 5 News. “I’m filled so full with love because I got a chance to give back.”

Foster added, “Mary saw herself in them, and they saw themselves in Mary.”

The ladies in attendance were from the YWCA’s GirlsFirst program, and totally overjoyed by the event.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
When Mary stepped out in her signature bangles, the phones went flying, the camera’s flashing, the smiles ablaze. Everyone was ecstatic.

Some of the women (who happened to be really talented!) performed with Mary.
. . . . . . . . . . . .
But most importantly, Mary sang… And sang….

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