TALENT NEEDED: Barnaby Hazen Looking for Stories from Musicians & Bands for a New Anthology // Holly of American Classic Pianos Reminds Us of Denver’s Loft Sessions

TALENT NEEDED: Barnaby Hazen Looking for Stories from Musicians & Bands for a New Anthology // Holly of American Classic Pianos Reminds Us of Denver’s Loft Sessions

Cover for Barnaby Hazen’s first Seven Eleven stories — get your story in his new book!

I’m working with Taos author and musician Barnaby Hazen who will be publishing an anthology of stories from musicians and bands around the country in 2017. I thought I’d send your way to see if any of your members may be interested in submitting a story of their own.

Details on the submissions below. If you run a newsletter, I’d be more than happy to send along a photo to go along with the description, as well – just let me know.

Thanks for taking a look,

Barnaby Hazen’s Seven Eleven Stories
| http://www.SevenElevenStories.com

Submissions wanted from bands / musicians. Looking for stories from those who have ever experienced a strange event at a 7-11. This could range from everything happening at the convenience store, to stopping for gas or a hot dog and a bizarre night playing out from there.

Stories from 700+ words to novella-length accepted. Barnaby is also happy to transcribe your story via a phone call, as well. Please feel free to get in touch with Samantha Lien at [email protected] if you have a story to share!

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Holly of American Classic Pianos Reminds Us of Denver’s Loft Sessions

Holly was kind enough to send a reminder about Denver’s Loft Sessions. We had Dave DiManna come speak to the group a couple of years back and several OMBO members have now appeared on the shows. So it’s nice that Holly is on top of this for us forgetful people!

I’m guessing you guys both already know about this, but I just wanted to make sure.


Denver 8 TV is a part of Denver Media Services which provides production services and franchise oversight for the City and County of Denver, Colorado government.

Denver 8 TV is the municipal access television station for the City and County of Denver, Colorado government. Our operations and facilities provide media production services to the elected branches of city government and to city departments and agencies. We provide fully scheduled video programming services on cable TV and the Internet.

The office also monitors and enforces compliance of the cable franchise which includes:
– resolving customer service concerns/compliants with Comcast cable company (Xfininty)
– overseeing regulations of franchise and permits
– providing oversight of Public Access cable television
– and advising City policy makers on cable and telecommunications issues

The Denver 8 TV / Media Services office is a division of the City and County of Denver’s Technology Services Department.

Find more information on these Web pages and at http://www.DenverGov.org/MediaServices.

Channel 58 is also a government access cable channel operated by Denver 8 to provide additional information about City services, activities, and events provided by the departments/agencies of the City and County of Denver. Tune in 24 hours a day:

Holly @ office – (303) 761-6858
Holly’s cell – (303) 550-6027 for texting

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“Denver Loft Sessions” Bring City Into the Music Biz – Denver Post Article

Your municipal government is getting into the music business, jamming to a livelier beat than the usual City Council meeting.

Who knew the folks at Channel 8 were aspiring rock-folk-jazz impresarios?

Starting this month, Denver Channel 8, headquartered in the basement of the City & County Building, will produce two series attuned to a younger audience.

“Red Rocks Premieres,” airing Feb. 7 at 8:30 p.m., features concerts that take place at Film on the Rocks (in conjunction with the Denver Film Society and the city’s Arts and Venues agency), showcasing up-and-coming musical talent in Colorado.

“Denver Loft Sessions,” premiering Feb. 7 at 8 p.m., features half-hour intimate performances by local artists, shot at the City & County Building studio.

Five slickly produced shows are already in the can. The plan is to run bi-weekly at first, weekly once it gets going, with repeats through the week. Unsigned musicians without agents and without track records are the focus. They’ll be paid not in cash but in free studio time, social-media links and shiny, high-definition DVDs of their 25-minute performances.

“The’re drooling at that,” producer David DiManna said.

The “Loft Sessions” are shot in an intimate studio space in what used to be juvenile traffic court. Exposed-brick walls give the feel of an urban warehouse; the backdrop suggests the view onto Civic Center park. The first session features the Denver band Eldren. Next up, starting Feb. 21, 12-year-old (!) local guitar sensation Jaden Carlson and her band perform a mix of rock and jazz.

The Red Rocks concerts are shot at the city-owned venue, featuring first-timers playing the Rocks. The opening show features Vicci Martinez, a previous contender on NBC’s “The Voice.”

Judging by previews, the camera work is slick, the brief introductions are inviting, the quality of both shows is first-rate.

This isn’t the first time a local channel has undertaken a local music series — see “Sounds on 29th” on Channel 12 and recall the long-ago “TeleTunes,” also on Channel 12. But it’s a first for city government. If all goes well, there’s room for a 25-person audience in the “Loft Sessions” studio.

The producers are looking for sponsors (they can’t run blatant commercials but, like PBS, can have slightly less obvious underwriting sponsors). They wouldn’t be averse to working with a cable/satellite company to distribute the series more widely.

Your tax dollars at work! (Actually, it’s very cheaply produced, “in the hundreds of dollars,” with existing staff and equipment. The goal is to be “self-sustaining.”)

Currently Channel 8 is able to boast that it draws more viewers than CSPAN, according to program director Alan DeLollis. Nielsen figures aren’t available for the noncommercial channel, but that translates to some 80,000 “regular viewers,” DeLollis said.

If Channel 8 can make some money and use these shows to draw millennials, who — after all, will be running the city someday — it will be a win-win.

By Joanne Ostrow
Denver Post Television Critic
Joanne Ostrow: 303-954-1830, [email protected] or twitter.com/ostrowdp


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