TALENT NEEDED: Want to Win $250? Want to Appear Live on TV and Radio Shows?

Singers, rappers, hip-hop artists, and rockers! Innervision FM wants to showcase you doing a fresh version of a 1967 song! DJ Johnnie will then showcase the winner on his radio show PLUS film you for his television show on PBS!

E-mail your name and style of music to [email protected] and we will email you the requirements for submission and lyrics of the song, including a list of the approved songs from 1967. Put together your version, record, and submit it. Please note that a mechanical license will be needed but can be obtained through CD Baby for $15 which DJ Johnnie will assist you with doing.

If you are a band or hip/hop artist, record your music for your song selection, save the track to an MP3 file which will help to save set up time on live radio and TV.

We will pick ten out of the submissions to come on our TV and radio shows and perform your version then we’ll let the radio, TV and studio audience pick the winner!

All songs must be submitted by September 16th.

[email protected]



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