THOUGHTS & PRAYERS: Former Denverite Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter Tom Gould Recovering from Heart Surgery

From June McHugh, Fb, 8/03/17: First of all, I want to thank everyone for the love and prayers, etc. Secondly, Tom [Tom Gould, June’s husband] is doing well, but he suffered a heart attack today. Thanks to the doctor and staff at AFC (clinic) in Nashville West for their quick actions, thanks to the ambulance and paramedics who brought him to St. Thomas West, and thanks to the wonderful doctors and nurses here at St. Thomas West who got him right in to perform an angioplasty. He is resting now and on his way to recovery. All of you family and friends have been great keeping my/our spirits up today. I am REALLY thankful that Tom took himself to the clinic when he felt so bad, and did not just “brush it off!” Lots to be thankful for tonight. Love to ALL, and I will keep you all apprised….

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