THOUGHTS & PRAYERS:  Nate Dawson on Downloading Pirated Music

THOUGHTS & PRAYERS: Nate Dawson on Downloading Pirated Music

Former Denver resident Nate Dawson – making a living in Los Angeles!

From Nate Dawson on Facebook, 11/12/17: I just read through a thread featuring a bunch of ignorant people arguing for why it’s ok to download pirated music for free. Among the ideas expressed repeatedly were:

“Musicians play for the love of music. If they’re in it to make money, they’re not real musicians.”

“Recording with today’s technology is practically free. I can record an album in my bedroom and it will sound just as good as any recording studio. They don’t need the money.”

“Musicians make all their money from touring, they don’t need to make money from their recordings.”

“I work hard for my money. Musicians just play music for an hour and make millions. Touring is easy.”

If you believe any of these things, please stop. You’re an idiot.

Thank you. ~ Nate Dawson

Christopher Jennings: In the history of common law in the USA, none of these ever worked as a defense in a copyright infringement case…just ask the unlucky college kids who got caught in the Napster “era.”

Randee McNight: “Musicians make all their money from touring”….. Those ones must be robbing banks along the tour route. [Editor’s note: Or selling drugs… ]

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