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Randy Abbiati

Photo: Randy Abbiati (From Monte Mayer’s Facebook post) Stan Monroe on Facebook, 9/23/21 | I am in shock to hear about the passing of Randy Abbiati. I first met him just a couple of years ago when I began sitting in on keyboards with his amazing band – FinalEyes. He was a wildly-talented guitar player and an amazing person. He was a unique individual with a big heart. My thoughts go out to Tami. I can’t imagine the pain she’s going through right now. I am in shock. This is a huge loss to the Denver music community.

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From Jonna Behm: I think I’ve tried to sit down and write this at least 5 times now. And like many others who have lost someone significant in their lives, I’m at a complete loss for words. That sounds cliche’, but accurate. So, I’ll just do my best.

Randy and I go way back, about 40 years. We had so much fun most of the time, especially ‘back in the day’ with so many close friends. We had quite the tight group then and several of us still are to this day. In fact, I’m pretty sure Randy has been the glue that’s held us all together. Looking back, several of us spent a fair amount of time in Randy’s basement listening to him play the guitar. We played a lot of games including the dumbest Clue game ever that included a VHS tape, which he still laughed about just a month ago. And he was pretty rude when playing Pictionary (inside joke) but he always cracked himself up.

Those earlier years were very real, intense at times, fun, and significant in our lives. So much so that it was pretty common in most conversations that he would often say (and many of his closest friends would tell you this) that he “just wanted to go back to that time in his life”. And a lot of times I didn’t blame him. There were times when we wouldn’t know what to say to one or the other when we were down, but at the very least we knew how to make each other smile at just the right time to make things bearable. He faced a lot of demons but would always come out okay in the end. I will forever be your cheerleader, Randy! Probably with plenty of eye rolls, but he would expect that LoL. Over the last couple years we could have entire conversations using only memes. I’m really going to miss that.

He was my brother from another mother. His hair was always longer and nicer than mine, which was very irritating! Lol! He had an obsession with, arguably the best guitar player ever, Randy Rhodes. He always loved hanging out with his friends and drinking at the Gold Rush, Thirsty’s or Mardi Gras. We all thought that we were pretty cool because we got to drink 3.2 beer. And there ‘may’ have been a time or 2 when Ted had to carry him out. He went to countless concerts over the years, and he’s one of the biggest reasons I will forever love big hair bands. Rock on, Randy!! His smile and laughter were infectious. He had a big heart and a tremendous love for his pets, even though he fed his parrot chicken wings! His dogs meant the world to him and he had a beautiful wife who was a perfect fit, that he really loved. Randy talked about her all the time. And, of course, he was always seen with a smile on his face when there was a guitar in his hand.

Lastly, it looks like I will finally get to have the last word in on a few things that he would bring up, then proceed to argue with me about. Here goes… 1. Yes, you were cute in high school! 2. Yes, girls always obsessed over you. 3. Yes, you ARE talented, and you know it. And finally, 4. No, Randy, you do NOT look like Buddy Hackett!

UPDATE: I can’t believe I forgot this one!!! #5 No, Randy, you are not fat!!

I think I’ll let these pictures speak for the rest.

God, I’m going to miss you!

Give your mom and Nikki big hugs for me up there, ok?!


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From Monte Mayer:

I’m so saddened to have to say goodbye to my friend, fellow musician and band mate Randy Abbiati.

We’re all going to miss you! REST IN PEACE!

— feeling heartbroken.

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Other Notable Musicians’ Deaths…

Again, the number of deaths from COVID is astounding. Please get vaccinated. Truly may save your life. If you want to know more about any of the musicians we lost this past week, please check out http://www.wikipedia.com

September 2021

29: Hayko, 48, Armenian singer (“Anytime You Need”), COVID-19; Bronius Kutavicius, 89, Lithuanian composer; Olivier Libaux, 57, French record producer and musician (Nouvelle Vague);  Ivan Tasovac, 55, Serbian pianist, manager and politician, deputy (since 2020) and minister of culture and information (2013–2016).

28: Nana Ampadu, 76, Ghanaian musician; Karan Armstrong, 79, American operatic soprano; Phi Nhung, 51, Vietnamese-American singer and actress, COVID-19; Barry Ryan, 72, British pop singer (“Eloise”) and photographer; Lonnie Smith, 79, American jazz musician, pulmonary fibrosis.

27: Darrell Bath, British punk musician (The Vibrators); Chris Ho, Singaporean singer (Zircon Lounge), musician and radio DJ, stomach cancer; Andrea Martin, 49, American singer-songwriter (“I Love Me Some Him”, “Before You Walk Out of My Life”, “Don’t Let Go”), and record producer;  Teymur Mirzoyev, 85, Azerbaijani singer (Gaya Quartet).

26: George Frayne IV, 77, American country singer and keyboardist (Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen), cancer; Alan Lancaster, 72, English rock bassist (Status Quo, The Party Boys), complications from multiple sclerosis.

25: Patricio Manns, 84, Chilean singer, composer (“Arriba en la Cordillera”) and writer, heart failure.

24: Pee Wee Ellis, 80, American saxophonist, composer and arranger.

23: Roberto Roena, 81, Puerto Rican salsa percussionist, orchestra leader, and dancer; Sue Thompson, 96, American pop and country singer (“Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)”, “Norman”).

22: Bob Moore, 88, American Hall of Fame session bassist (The Nashville A-Team) and orchestra leader; Jan Stanienda, 68, Polish violinist and conductor; Matthew Strachan, 50, English composer (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?) and singer-songwriter (Next Door’s Baby).


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