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You have until Aug 1 to get your application in to compete in the Denver Blues Challenge. This is the Mile High Blues Society’s official preliminary to the International Blues Challenge. The winner of our Denver competition qualifies for the big show in Memphis. It is the opportunity of lifetime for you and your band.

This is your chance to represent the Denver Blues community in Memphis, where you will not only compete to be in the finals in the Orpheum Theater, you will be rubbing elbows with blues stars and legends, industry insiders, talented players, record companies, and rabid blues fans every day. All you gotta do is enter the MHBS Road To Memphis competition and win two rounds — prelims and finals — and you will be on your way. One thing is certain:  You cain’t win it if you ain’t in it. Get started at our website.


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A local ski town in Northwest Colorado is establishing a reputation as a music town. Although many touring acts often choose to play in other cities when touring the state, Steamboat Springs will soon become a desired stop for touring bands coming through Colorado.

Schmiggity’s in Steamboat Springs recently opened with the goal of attracting great musicians to the Yampa Valley by providing studio quality sound and great vibes. Schmiggity’s is the first music establishment to be exclusively built for live music in Steamboat Springs. Managing Owner Pat Waters has created a friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to both local residents and tourists.

The room is cozy and familiar like a neighborhood bar but features national touring acts and sounds better than most studios. Because what really makes Schmiggity’s great is not just the great bands but the extremely high sound quality. In fact Schmiggity’s incorporated many of the same sound proofing and recording equipment found in high end recording studios.

Schmiggity’s has just raised the bar in defining how small venues should be designed and how they should sound. To just call Schmiggity’s “nice” does not do justice to the hard work and dedication put into building and designing the room. Schmiggity’s is likely one of the best sounding small venues in the nation, let alone west of Denver.

The management of Schmiggity’s revolves around teamwork between the two owners, Kim Haggarty and Pat Waters, and veteran sound engineer Scott Singer. Haggarty and Waters gave Singer the opportunity to build his dream venue, and using his 40+ years as a sound engineer, Singer did just that. “I wanted to build a room I could control” said Singer. “Rather than one that controlled me.”

Scott Singer covered every wall in the room with sound panels and even more on the ceiling and surrounding the stage. The stage is hardwood flooring set on mass loaded vinyl, sitting on 29 inches of blown insulation. Hidden under the front of the stage, Schmiggity’s installed all QSC speakers: 2 KLA12’s per side on top, 2 KW181 sub-woofers down low and a single K-Sub bottom center for good measure. To top it all off, Schmiggity’s has full multi-track audio recording capabilities.

Since the venue opened on May 15, 2014, Schmiggity’s has hosted many well known name acts including James and the Devil, Juno What?, the MTHDs and will soon host John Brown’s Body. Waters will continue booking great acts throughout the summer and is currently booking for the fall and winter ski season, which looks both promising and entertaining.

Look up Schmiggity’s at schimiggitys.com, give them a call at 970.879.4100 if you have any questions and make sure to visit them on your next ski trip to Steamboat. They are located in downtown Steamboat Springs at 821 Lincoln Ave.


By Tim Wintemute on LinkedIn
Entrepreneur • Music Business Advisor • Music Journalist • Public Speaker & Educator • Sales Representative

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The next Durango Songwriters Expo will be held at the Omni Interlocken Resort in Broomfield, CO (not in Durango) Thursday thru Sunday, October 2-4, 2014. If you’re a songwriter or have even considered writing songs, this event is the one for you to attend. With seminars, critiquing sessions, showcases, and more, you will get to meet professionals in the business of music such as publishers, music supervisors, record company execs – those people that can help YOU get a foot in the door so that you don’t have to chase all over NY, LA, Austin, or Nashville trying to keep those doors from slamming on you! Worth every penny and bit of your time!


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