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DENVER, Colorado – Wooden Stake Press, Denver’s local Indie publisher of adult and young adult novels, today announced the publication of Players, a romantic comedy by Jayne Dixon.

Players follows the sordid journey of Gretel and Breccan, two self-described “players” who mistakenly crash into each after trying escape their one-night-stand together. As events unfold, they are surprised to find that they are both equally committed to non-commitment and decide to team up as Pennsylvania’s most successful wingman-wingwoman duo.

“Players has a very humorous and lighthearted feel to it while still digging into the roots of two very unexpectedly loveable characters,” stated Wooden Stake Press Founder, Jeff Chacon. “We really feel it will appeal to a broad audience of romance readers and even beyond.”

Jayne Dixon is a recent addition to Wooden Stake Press’s publishing portfolio. Players is her second novel, following the debut of her romantic suspense novel in August 2016, Stripped.

“We’re very interest in having unique and unexpected Indie voices represented at Wooden Stake Press,” said Mr. Chacon, “so we were very excited to add Jayne Dixon to our talented team this last year.”

Players is available on Amazon in e-book format. A paperback version of the story is forthcoming.

About Jayne Dixon
Jayne Dixon has been a lifelong novelist, poet, and songwriter. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two children in Denver, CO where everyone laughs at her jokes and, if they don’t, there’s always a mountain to disappear into. Jayne publishes fictional stories, poetry, and songs on her blog: http://www.writersoftherain.com

About Wooden Stake Press

Colorado-based Wooden Stake Press, L.L.C., publishes novels in the genres of fantasy, magic realism, romantic suspense and more. Its award-winning indie authors craft unique plotlines that weave a variety of entertaining narratives that range from comedic to historical to dramatic. More information about WSP can be found at http://www.woodenstakepress.com

[Editor’s Note: Jayne is another very talented COMBO member. From Colorado, she is a singer/songwriter/musician as well as a writer.]

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