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Musician/Singer/Songwriter and now author! Terra Walker

While we normally feature books involving the business of music only, we thought our musicians would get a kick out of this one. Written by a musician who loves to cook, Terra Walker has compiled a list of things to make your cooking experience fun and less of a hassle.

Here’s a link to Terra’s Facebook post about the book and where you can buy it without leaving Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asporkintheroad/posts/1444137542305803

And here is Terra’s website page about the book: http://asporkintheroad.net/little-book-kitchen-cheats/

Over the years, after looking through thousands of cook books, I’ve never seen one book dedicated completely to what should be in the pantry, how to change a recipe to metric or imperial, or what those little numbers on the gas dial mean. This book is filled with the most-used instructions and conversions.

Whether you’re new to the kitchen, or want a convenient guide that you can keep by your stove, in a drawer, on the fridge, or in your recipe box, this book is perfect for you, and I will say that I use mine almost every day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the networks listed above or head to the website and email me. I’ll answer your questions free of charge!

Terra Walker

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