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Our suggested movies and books involve the business of music. Learn something from them! The Music Never Stops: A Journey Into the Music of the Unknown, The Forgotten, The Rich & Famous by Dick Weissman

Dick Weissman was a member of the legendary folk trio the Journeymen, with Scott McKenzie and John Phillips. He has written 13 books on music and the music industry and teaches at the University of Denver.

Dick’s new musical memoir was recently released by Centerstream Publishing. It’s called The Music Never Stops: A Musical Journey with the Unknown, the Forgotten, the Rich and the Famous. This book is not so much about his life, but about the many musicians he has encountered, and the musical situations he has experienced in working as a studio musician, composer, performer, and record producer in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, and Portland. “His undiminished love of playing music, simply for the love of the art, is obvious in every phrase.”

The book can be ordered through the publisher, Centerstrm@aol.com, at your local independent bookstore (it is distributed by Hal Leonard,) at Barnes and Noble, or, if you want an autographed copy write to Dick Weissman at r2s@comcast.net

Dick Weissman, former member of ’60s folk group The Journeymen, takes you on an odyssey through his years as a student, musician, recording artist, educator and author. The depth and flavor with which he tells his stories puts you right in the time and place where the memories were made. If you want to know what it was like to be a rising star in the ’60s music scene – all the trials, tribulations, business dealings and dirty laundry – then this is the book for you. Dick also has encouraging words for modern musicians – how to succeed and pitfalls to avoid – while building a career in music. His undiminished love of playing music, simply for the love of the art, is obvious in every page.


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