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Bruce Swanson is one of COMBO’s longest and staunchest supporters. Without members like Bruce, this wonderful organization started to help musicians with the business of music, COMBO would not be here. Bruce – Thank you SO much!

Bruce writes: I go under “Bruce Swanson Bass Man” on my current website and CD. At the moment, I’ve got so much going on that I’ve not as much time for my music but I still market my music for Film/TV licensing, so I keep my website active. [Don’t we all wish we could be in his shoes??!!]

Bruce is definitely a songwriter, specializing in Instrumental Funk-Rock-Jazz. How’s that for being versatile?

Based in Colorado, Bruce is an artist who utilizes a creative approach to songwriting drawn from his formal Jazz education with mentors like Doc Fowler and Ronald Stein. He also has a love for Rock, Pop, and Funk music, solidified through years of performing in bands like Denver Public Fusion and REBOP. Bruce’s current high-energy Funk/Rock project, Big Bottom, features his tremendous bass playing skills, and he is also a lyricist and composer for the Pop/Rock groups Digby Wallace and OstinAuto.

You can connect with Bruce at one of his various websites. This guy knows how to promote!


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