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Otis Taylor – Recent inductee to the Colorado Music Hall of Fame!

[COMBO Member] Otis Taylor is inducted into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame: The induction into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame follows a string of WC Handy awards and Downbeat Magazine blues record awards.

Beginning with Otis Taylor’s 2004 album VV to his most recent Fantasizing About Being Black, David Glasser has mastered all of Otis’s albums – 10 and counting; each one is unique and compelling.

What we love about the CMHOF awards are the always-interesting and comprehensive videos created that recap the artists’ careers. Take a look at the video for Otis Taylor; it’s a Dropbox file – we hope you can view it!


Congratulations, Otis, on this deserved recognition!

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Got tape? Airshow has the tools to create the best digital transfers

Airshow has the machines and the expertise to deliver the absolute best transfers from your analog tape recordings, whether you are mastering an album from tape, archiving a collection of analog recordings, or even running a digital mix through tape and back.

Read more here about our Ampex ATR-104 and Studer A820, and what goes into a good transfer.

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Anna Frick at Folk Alliance Jan 22-26

Folk Alliance convenes in New Orleans next year, for a heady mix of showcases, all-night jamming and professional panels, along with the city’s great food and nightlife.

Anna Frick is presenting on a Saturday morning panel, “New Technologies, Timeless Skills,” with other audio engineers discussing pursuing their careers through changing technology. Engineers are likely to “geek out” about their favorite tools and software tricks, and will talk about the things they think every engineer should know, regardless of technology.


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