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Here I am, quarantined. Like a prisoner in solitary confinement. Truth be told, this has been my fate for as long as I can remember. I feel like my soul has been “locked down” most of my adult life, in fact. I’ve kept my true-self hidden. To fit in… To find my way… To make a living.

And not lose my job!

Oh, and I would definitely lose my job if they knew what’s in my head!

I can tell you that music is in my head most of the time. Going back 40 years, since I was in college. I’ve written so many songs over the years…

That’s what this Kickstarter campaign is all about:

I’m coming up on 60 real fast and I want to FINALLY get this music out and into the world.

For the life of me and with your help, I will.

So please read my plan, listen to my music, and I hope you’ll consider being part of this Kickstarter campaign— To produce my music one song at a time and set me free.

It’s in your hands now. You have the power to make this happen. Your support would mean the world to me. Forever.

Thank you.



1.) Listen to 1 unfinished song – My first goal is to finish “Heaven” with your help*

2.) Listen to the 4 other songs I released last year: “To Save My Life”, “This Is My Job”, “Someday”, and “One Day at a Time”)

3.) Please feel free to “heart” (love), leave comments and share any/all of these songs!

4.) Check out my stretch goals and milestones

5.) Pledge your support in any amount.

6.) Sign up on for the email on The Days on Earth website and let’s keep in touch!

The only real risk is not to try this. There’s no risk at all for moral supporters and very little risk for financial benefactors. The challenge here is to break through and be “discovered” by enough people to be able to make good things happen. I’ll be straight up – the only way I can overcome this challenge is with YOUR help. I don’t have a “following” or a network of family and friends who will support this project. Nada. They can’t even know about this (for reasons I’ve elaborated on in the video)!

So, I’m basically on my own except for those who I’ll hope to meet here on Kickstarter through this campaign. And, together, I guess we’ll see what this platform is capable of. Thank you for reading all of this, for listening to my music, for spreading the word and ultimately for helping to set me free. You’re the best!

The Days on Earth @ gmail.com

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