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Dave Ratner – COMBO speaker – and founder of Creative Law Network

Nice to have someone paying attention! We received updated listings from Creative Law Network and CCM Studios for our Resources and Network pages! And for our Artist Pages, we’ll be adding Laurie Dameron and Rosann Winn.

For many years COMBO has listed Colorado music-related businesses on its “back pages” under the tab “Resources” and “Network”. We recently came up with a plan to update these listings. Our members regularly use this information to find a business that they need. So please send us your current information and what headings you would like to be placed under. Please list all contact info, i.e., name, address, phone number, e-ddress, and website. We’d also love to have a photo or a logo if you have one, preferably in jpg format. For example, we made this request a couple of weeks back and Dave Ratner responded so we will be adding it to our “Entertainment Lawyers” page:

Dave Ratner
Creative Law Network, LLC
2701 Lawrence Street, Suite 104
Denver, CO 80205
(720) 924-6529

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