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Dear Dazzle Supporters! Some 23 years ago, Dazzle started in a dining room at 930 Lincoln. Our mission was to celebrate the jazz of the 20’s. We wanted to do this by replicating the celebration of life through cocktails, cuisine, and music in an art deco ambiance. Ironically, the mood of sophistication and elegance in that era was created to show positive feelings during the dark times following the Spanish Flu epidemic. And now, 100 years later, the COVID 19 epidemic arrives at our 1920’s door.

March 8, 2020 and the days that followed have brought tears, uncertainly, and extreme anxiety to the Dazzle family. There have been some dark days, and I have been super conscious of my health. I have often felt because of a reckless youth of I am INDESTRUCTIBLE. Thus, it is hard for me not be able to return to Dazzle now. I am in the high-risk category that needs to be careful. I am fortunate to have the Dazzle family to help navigate through the roller coaster of our business world.

I passionately believe we all must live, have faith, and have hope. Dazzle’s goal is to continue to create and make art happen. We are finding new ways to express ourselves, to let lose, to improvise in life. Just like 100 years ago, it is just as important to create and look forward. The next generation deserves our tenacity.

With that in mind, my team and I are proud to bring to you Dazzle Presents. It is virtual place to share people’s expressions during this time. We are focused on sharing our platform with others to allow them a home to present music, fine arts, culinary arts, youth arts, community commentary, and an online store.

Dazzle Presents has also launched nightly live streaming every day of the week. We are committed to giving musicians and live performers a place to perform where they will have access to an audience. We can honestly say that no other venue is making that kind of commitment. Further, we are broadcasting Live form the Pec on Sunday nights as part of our live streaming efforts to help bring attention to El Chapultepec as they struggle by having a smaller footprint in which to operate. It is our continued mission for the LIVE expression to be broadcasted and shared. It is also the mission to once again, employee the artists.

I am soliciting your help. This can be done in several ways.

1) We are asking for $4000 a month to keep the web site, http://dazzlepresents.com/, productive. Artist are making money sent directly to them through Venmo, Credit Card, and PayPal accounts. Dazzle is not currently taking any fees. We pass along funding to the artists. We plan to sell focused banner ads to support this. We are hoping our partners will consider placing an ad onto the site.

2) We are asking for $8000 a month to keep the nightly live streaming in production. A banner can be placed along with the stream if desired. We are grateful that artists seem to be getting on average $130- $200 per member during a performance. Upwards to 1500 viewers are now watching these shows. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiQhV78gSgDrbz8wYFwj7aA Great thanks to Colin and Dea Bricker of https://www.mfpcolorado.com/. Another business that lost most of its work for the year.

3) We are hoping that people will consider making a purchase at https://dazzledenver.com/dazzle-sells/ . We also have on-line food and drink ordering available for curb side pick-up, daily from 11:30 am -7:30 pm.

4) Consider stopping by Dazzle. Currently, we are seeking to continue live music. We can seat 50 people inside and 10 people outside. From 11:30 am – 7:30 pm with a limited menu and staff. We also have an “essential” store with plenty of vinyl and alcohol for your home enjoyment. A mask and your health are essentials before entering the establishment.

5) You can continue to support our vulnerable employees, and ones not yet called back. https://shorturl.at/tyzFP

6) You might also buy a Gift Certificate for a future visit at Dazzle. https://www.toasttab.com/dazzle-jazz/giftcards

Whatever you can contribute, we are grateful. We wanted to share with you what we are up to and where we are going. Will you help us lift the arts during this time? Over 23 years you have all have become a part of a community effort called DAZZLE. I need to call on the community for continued support for today and into the future of the arts.

A final updated thought. As you know the Open Orders are very fluid. We were going to open on Tuesday but recent events involving the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd resulted in delaying the opening for one more week. Any decision made must first be made on behalf of your safety and the people presenting Dazzle.


Donald Rossa


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