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Rock ‘n Doze – providing housing for touring bands

My name is Colin Bultinck and I’m the founder of Rock n Doze. We’re a Denver startup that is geared towards providing safe, affordable, band-friendly homes to touring bands, crew, and fans. If you’re familiar with Airbnb, it’s like that except geared specifically towards the music community.

We started almost a year ago with my home only and now have over 50 properties in Colorado(mostly Denver) and have properties in LA, Miami, Indiana and soon to be Seattle and SLC. We’ve housed small bands scrapping by to Red Rocks bands. Our goal is to be the primary lodging service for the music community all across the world.


Let’s Rock n Doze!!

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This Denver Local Has Launched an Airbnb for Touring Musicians

To most, life’s inconveniences are simply put up and dealt with by either adapting or screaming into a pillow. For many musicians, this type of frustration results from the pains of locating a place to stay while on tour promoting their passion. Cue Colin Bultinck, the founder and CEO of Denver’s newest lodging service, Rock n Doze, who realized there is a way to resolve the housing issue that has been around since the beginning of time, or music.

“It’s no secret that bands are always trying to find some place cheap. They’re always sleeping in their van or on a couch,” explains Bultinck on how he knew Rock N Doze was needed. “Basically, what we’re doing is trying to put all of those people on one platform to connect bands so they don’t have to hope they find something. They can find somebody that supports what they’re doing and wants to connect with them. Our goal is just to connect the music community together.”

The idea for such a service came to Bultinck while standing in the monstrous crowd at Bonnaroo, along with 100,000 Mumford & Sons fans. However, it did not spark from a thought just to assist musicians. “It just kind of struck me how crazy it is that there are [so] many people traveling to a music festival in the middle of nowhere to see music, and to be with other people that love music,” states Bultinck. “Music is something that connects people no matter what you follow or what you believe in. I thought there might be something here that we can do to help that.”

While Rock n Doze wants to help musicians find places to sleep, that is just the tip of the iceberg for the company. The real goal is to connect music lovers from all over. Be that bands, fans and those who are simply curious about where to find good music while they are traveling. The end goal is to create a huge community across the nation, and maybe one day the world, that ties all of us together and makes it simpler to access all music scenes. Creating this space could assist in stimulating local venues as well, as it could encourage travelers to tap into scenes they otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

“Before I moved to Denver I flew out here to see if this was someplace that I wanted to live and I was excited to look at some local music spots,” says Bultinck. “I asked my [Airbnb] host ‘what’s a good local music spot to check out?’ and my host said, ‘I don’t know.’ Obviously, that was just one random situation, I’m sure most people know a little bit more, but I know I am not the only one who is going there for the music. We’re just hoping those people want to connect with other people and we want to offer a cooler and more unique experience to their time in Denver, no matter where they’re going.”

“Right away it was the best decision over hotels for our stay in Denver this time around,” claims French producer Klingande of his stay with the company. “It gives a good space specifically tailored for touring people. Everyone involved knows there can be no surprises and is just a great host.”

Once Bultinck was able to fuel the idea for Rock n Doze, he needed to put it into gear. Rock N Doze has only been in business since last September, having started with just Bultinck’s home consisting of a spare bed, a couch and a few air mattresses. Today, Rock n Doze boasts over 40 homes in Denver and has just expanded to L.A. They just had their first band that performed at Red Rocks stay with them, Los Angeles’ Poolside. While the growth is certainly happening quickly, there are still a few kinks to work out. The trust factor is obviously huge for guests and hosts, which is why the website requires all users to create a profile, with which guests and hosts can use to rate their experiences together, just like Airbnb.

By Denby Gardiner


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