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Dear Event Organizers: All of us at the Office of Special Events (OSE) hope that you had an enjoyable, healthy and memorable Thanksgiving holiday. While we’re not sure what to expect for events in 2021, one thing’s for sure, OSE will continue to advocate for the event industry at every juncture. We will continue to communicate with decision-makers about the positive cultural and economic contributions the event industry gives to the Denver community, and do everything we can to support events during these difficult times.

OSE plays a critical role as an advocate for the event industry with city, state and other key partners. As part of a long-term effort to secure OSE’s role in influencing important decisions, OSE is “proposing” that it be added to the City and County of Denver’s (CCD) municipal code. This move into ordinance will establish OSE as a permanent city agency and allow us to issue a Special Event Permit (SEP). The SEP will apply to public events that are held on public property, that are temporary in nature and involved with more than one CCD agency. It will not apply to assemblies, private property or indoor events.

Under the proposed ordinance, OSE will charge an application processing fee ranging between $25 and $250 based on various, to-be-determined criteria such as event size and complexity. In response to the COVID-19 impact on the event community, the new application fee will not go into effect until November 2022 for events taking place in 2023. The processing fee will help off-set costs related to the support OSE provides in reviewing, advising, processing and overseeing event applications through all internal city processes.

This proposal has been under consideration since OSE’s inception in 2015. The effort began in full earnestness in January of 2020 with extensive research conducted both internally and externally. While OSE has spent most of this year responding to the pandemic, we are now in a place to begin sharing this information and gathering feedback from event organizers and other industry partners and stakeholders. Please read on for how you can stay informed and become involved.


● OSE will continue to share updates about this process and provide opportunities for input in future email communications. Feel free to share this email with others who may want to be informed or involved and encourage them to subscribe using the button below.

● Attend the OSE Virtual Town Hall on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 9:30 – 11 a.m. to find out more details from OSE staff and ask questions. Click here to register. If you can’t make it, the Zoom meeting will be recorded and made available for viewing at your convenience.

● Complete an online feedback form here. This will help ensure that OSE addresses the most common and important issues in future communications. There is no limit to the number of times you can provide feedback via this form – feel free to add additional comments throughout this process.


Want to have a one-on-one conversation? Contact any of the OSE staff directly or email denverevents@denvergov.org and we will respond to schedule time to discuss.


Hold virtual Town Hall for event organizers and other stakeholders

● 1/24/2021
Provide information and opportunity for Q&A at annual OSE Special Event Forum

● 1 /2021
Conduct ongoing outreach activities and conversations with event organizers, RNOs, BIDs, etc.

● 3/2021
Close feedback process, compile and incorporate feedback

● 5/2021
Begin formal legislative process with presentations to the City and County of Denver’s Policy Review Committee, followed by City Council Committee, Mayor Council and lastly, a vote by City Council

● 1/2021 – 11/2021
Pilot new internal processes and continue proactive communication with event organizers

● 11/1/2021
Opening day for 2022 event applications – Special Event Permit will be required and enforceable for events occurring in 2022. Application processing fee will be waived

● 11/1/2022
Opening day for 2023 event applications – the Special Event Permit will be required, and enforceable and new application processing fees will apply.

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