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David Glasser & Anna Frick – In real life, we are keeping more distance than shown here!

We’re sitting up here on our hillside working on the usual great assortment of recordings our clients send to us, and grateful to share your creativity. We’re fortunate that we’re able to continue our work safely, with unattended sessions only. (See Upload/Download on http://www.airshowmastering.com on how to work with us remotely.)

We admire the many ways musicians are approaching the current touring hiatus, and health and financial uncertainty. We like the Facebook live CD release parties and home concerts with tip jars for the artist or for their favorite venue’s staff. We know some are taking the break as an unexpected opportunity to arrange and record.

If you’re posting to #livefromhome or #quaranTOUR, just tag our Facebook page too, and we’ll pitch in with a free master parts pack on your next mastering project (worth 25 bucks off your single to $300 off your full album), booked between now and July 31, 2020. That’ll help keep us entertained and connected – and get you ready for the fall tour.

We enjoy sharing our clients’ music videos. Did we work on yours? Send us your link!


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