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Wax Trax Records might help you find a golden record like Aretha’s!

By Dominic Garcia, CBS4 Denver | For over 40 years, people have been coming to Wax Trax for their for all their music needs. In all that time, co-owner Duane Davis has never seen his store like this.

“This is the most unusual situation we’ve ever had occur,” he told CBS4’s Dominic Garcia.

Because of coronavirus, sales are down around 90%. Due to safety concerns, customers aren’t allowed to browse the store’s selection. Wax Trax has had a website for some time, but never sold music on it. Duane and co-owner Dave Stidman knew they had to adapt to survive, but they needed help.

“The other owner and I are pretty much old school. So computers are a little bit of a mystery to us,” Davis told CBS4.

Luckily, Stidman’s son, Pete, recently moved back to town and has been helping post their inventory online. Slowly but surely they’ve continued to make progress.
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