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A person came up to me recently and asked, “When are you gonna give up this dream and get a real job?”

I replied, “Give up?”

He replied “Yeah. It’s not like you’re ever going to be a success.”

So I said, “I think our definition of success is probably very different”.

He said “Oh yeah! What [does] success mean to you?”

I said., “Doing what I love, living my life to my direction and rules, not being stuck in a cubicle or office doing something mundane and uncreative that, in a hundred years, no one will remember. I will be on this planet for a very short time so I intend to make the most of it… travel, adventure, make art, music and love as much as I can before I wind up 90 years old and regretful that I never took a chance when I could.”

He stopped and thought about it and said… “Then you are a success”.

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