. . . Dale Smith: I’d like to acknowledge my good friend and true musical brother Mr. Don Richmond as he his receiving an Honorary Doctorate in Musical Performance from Adams State University. He’s certainly well-deserving. I’m thrilled for him and happy he got the nod that celebrates his commitment to this community and to the musical landscape that he began long ago. I love you, brother. CONGRATULATIONS, DR. DON RICHMOND!

From Michael Hossler: Congratulations to my friend Don Richmond, a very important cornerstone of the southern Colorado musical tapestry. When I think of the San Luis Valley sound, this is the man I think of. Way to go Dr. Richmond.

. . . COMBO member Jack Gaffney has been chosen by the Colorado Blues Society to represent Colorado in the Youth Showcase at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, January 2014. Best Wishes in this competition, Jack!

. . .  COMBO member Laurie Dameron who passed the first round of auditions for America’s Got Talent in Denver last week. She sang her jazz compostion “I Can’t Wait to See You Again” (which was the jazz category winner in the COMBO Songwriting Contest). You can listen to it at her “Music Store” here:

. . . Also to Steve Stuntz, local vocalist and drummer, who will be moving on in the AGT competion as well! Good luck, Laurie & Steve. We’re rooting for you both.

. . . Tessanne Chin for winning this season’s The Voice. Tessanne gets a record deal with Universal Records – no mention of cash but pretty sure there’s going to be some other benefits in there somewhere. Jacquie Lee came in second, and Will Champlin came in third. We’ve met Will at the Durango Songwriters Expo so he’s like family! BTW, in case you didn’t know it, there is a Denver connection: Tessanne’s brother lives in Denver, and Jacquie has an aunt who lives here, too! So if you see someone who looks like Tessanne or Jacquie here, you might just really be seeing them as they visit relatives! And if Will’s last name sounds familiar you might recognize his dad Bill Champlin from the band Chicago!

. . . Adrienne O! Supercool! AdrienneO’s song “Someone Like Me,” as well as Tad Wheeler’s DeltaCloud remix of it, got placed in full-length feature film “A Remarkable Life” from Gymnopedie Films and Panoramic Productions, to be released on Dec 17! As we understand it, it’s going to be released in 1000 theatres in Europe first.

(A Remarkable Life (2013) |
Directed by Vohn Regensburger. With Chris Bruno, Marie Avgeropoulos, Daphne Zuniga, Mark Margolis. There are many things in life that could do a number on a man’s masculinity. Lenny Babbitt has his identity and manhood challenged when his wife Tracy leaves him for a female doctor named Iris who has been treating their autistic son Isaac. After losing his job, and wife to a woman no less — Lenny’s dad Jack offers him a job at his pawn shop where he must re-examine his identity, manhood and sense of self after meeting Chelsea, a young, free-spirited pistol that lives life on two wheels. In the end, Lenny realizes that there are no absolutes… only one’s faith, sense of self and family — no matter how it’s constituted or defined by society.
– Written by Anonymous)

. . . The Sing Off for giving a shout out to the writers of the songs that the a capella groups perform in this vocals-only contest! ‘Bout time the songwriters got some instant and nation-wide recognition!

. . . Tage Plantell has been nominated for the BEST MUSIC VIDEO of 2013 for his work on Andy Palmer‘s tune “The Monk“. [Note: “The Monk” was one of the winning songs in COMBO’s Songwriting Contest in 2013!]

Additional info: From Chris K of The Colorado Sound TV – BEST VIDEOS 2013

Unlike last year, when I included my VIDEO PICKS OF THE YEAR in my end of year post, this year I’m posting them early and asking for you to participate. These are my picks (nominations if you will) for best videos of 2013.  There are 14 videos in the playlist. Run time = 53 minutes – so shorter than a one hour episode of the Colorado Sound, and I know you’ve had time for that on occasion!  😉

I had a blast going back to all the monthly video playlists and watching them all again … I hope you discover someone new who’s music you love. Thank you for supporting.

Only those videos published on YouTube between Nov 1 2012 and Oct 31 2013 were considered for these picks.

Andy Palmer – The Monk
Andy Hackbarth – 1939
Churchill – The War Within
Fierce Bad Rabbit – Matter of Time
The Lumineers – Submarines
Matt Hoffman – Mural
OneRepublic – Counting Stars
Paper Bird – As I Am
Pretty Lights (featuring Talib Kweli) – Around The Block
The Reminders – If You Didn’t Know
SHEL – Like Minded Fool
Star Jaguar – The Jailer PT 2
West Water Outlaws – Caught In The Headlights
Xiren – Beautiful to Me

Also nominated was Katey Laurel for her song, “Hurricane”. Katey writes: If you’re so inclined, feel free to vote for “Hurricane” as The Colorado Sound’’s “Female Vocal Performance of the Year” (you can vote for up to 3 artists) … and if you’re local to Colorado, consider supporting this amazing radio station that promotes Colorado Music year-round!

Voting closes December 20th. Thank you for taking the time to vote for your favorite artist!


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