Buyer Beware|

BUYING “LIKES” – Unbought “Likes” are a good way to gage how your band is doing. Phony “Likes” don’t help your band out at all. That’s like having that friend or relative who constantly tells you “You’re GREAT” – then never comes to your shows. If you can’t get your real fans to like your band on sites like Facebook, then maybe you need to sit back and reassess what your band is doing. Video your band all the way through your show. Don’t shut the camera off between songs – amazing what some of your band members might be doing during that time. Watch for members who turn their backs on the audience too often. Look for clothing that might be distracting. And, of course, the Number 1 problem – is the audience reacting positively to your songs like by singing along, dancing, and certainly paying attention?!!

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