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“The song ‘Tough Times’ written by Scott Miller and me, both longtime DSE attendees, won first place and hit a home run in the NSAI ‘Hitsville’ contest, which got us a contract for that song with ‘ole.’ I then did some re-writing for them, and they did a nice new demo of the song, and are currently pitching it to major label artists in Nashville…We are so grateful to the DSE playing a huge role in this process as we brought it there for feedback and critiques and played it live etc… several times! We got some really good feedback, and also made some more updates and polishing due to that feedback. We are looking forward to . . .bringing more new songs also! We are both so thankful to be able to attend the DSE! You guys have such a cool event, we can’t thank you enough for providing these amazing opportunities, to meet new friends and co-writers, networking, pitching, performing, learning how to work, work, work, improve, improve, improve and polish, polish, polish, rinse and repeat!!!” — Lee Johnson (Winner of WWAHM) – Longmont, Colorado

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IMPORTANT: Register by Saturday, November 8th and get an EXTRA 4th listening session!

Song Listening Sessions
Get feedback on your song in person, directly from the pros. You may submit to a maximum of 3 Song Listening Sessions (only one song per time slot.). The pros will give you some great ideas for improving your song with input like “This line does not flow smoothly”, “You might want to find a better descriptive word here,” and “The song may be a little long for radio airplay.” Worth listening to them – after all they’ve either sold songs to make a living or they’re buying songs which provides both you and them with an income!

Singer/Songwriter Showcase
We will be selecting performing singer/songwriters for live showcases to be held on Thursday  and Friday nights. Showcase your talent in front of major music industry decision makers.

You have 4 minutes time to perform 1 song. To submit for this great opportunity, send your CD with up to 2 original copyrighted songs, along with 2 copies of typewritten lyric sheets and select one category. Make sure your song on the CD is clearly marked specifying your selected track.

Showcase available to attendees only. (We reserve the right to refuse participation to any individual at our discretion.) Selected Singer/Songwriters will be notified on or before January 31, 2015. $15.00 fee per category submission

Click here for the Registration Form:

Questions? Call Jim Attebery at 970-259-9747

Our Gal Meghan Trainor Blows Up!
She’s everywhere! Meghan entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart at 84 just a few weeks ago… she’s at #3 today! It is so awesome to see Meghan and so many other Expo-ites seeing great success. It’s inspiring!

Get to meet these and many more VIPS in person!
Al Anderson, Nashville: Formerly N.R.B.Q. Mega-hit songwriter with #1s “The Cowboy In Me,” “Trip Around The Sun,” “Unbelievable” and many others.
Ross Asher, Nashville: Creative Director, Razor and Tie Music Publishing
Gary Bowen, L.A.: Director of Creative Affairs, SQE Music Publishing.
Sarah Buxton, Nashville: Hit songwriter (Stupid Boy; Don’t Let [Me] Be Lonely; Artist; songs on ABC TV hit show Nashville.
Chuck Cannon, Nashville: Acclaimed hit songwriter with numerous #1’s including Toby Keith’s “How You Like Me Now.”
Chris Cole, Dallas: President – Main Gate Music Group and Soundbridge PAs.
Linda Lorence Critelli, New York: V.P. Writer/Publisher Relations with SESAC.
Jenee DeAngelis, L.A.: Independent Music Supervisor (Cold Case; Bones; Family Weekend)
Jon Ernst, LA: Music Supervisor/Composer/Songwriter at MTV. He selects the music for MTV shows The Hills, Laguna Beach, etc.
Greg Federspiel, L.A.: Director of A&R – RCA Records LA
Steve Garvan, SandPoint, ID: Steve heads up Garvan Management and Consulting.
Nick Haussling, L.A.: A&R at Warner Bros. Records, L.A.
Steve Markland, Nashville: Formerly V.P. Creative Affairs at Windswept; Presently Director of Creative at Warner-Chappell Music in Nashville.
Loretta Munoz, LA: ASCAP – V.P. of memberships and special projects.
Tony Von Pervieux, LA: Manager Music Creative at ABC Television/Disney.
Carla Wallace, Nashville: Partner at Big Yellow Dog Music Publishing Nashville. Works with Big Al Anderson and Meghan Trainor among many other great writers.

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