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Photo: Emmett Chapman (from Stick’s website) | Emmett Chapman (September 28, 1936 – November 1, 2021) was an American jazz musician best known as the inventor of the Chapman Stick and maker of the Chapman Stick family of instruments. [See related article under “Interesting Bits.]

The musician, inventor of the Free Hands two-handed tapping method and The Chapman Stick, and founder of Stick Enterprises, died at his home in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California on Monday, November 1, after a long battle with cancer. The funeral will be held on Friday, November 12. Specific arrangements will be announced shortly.

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Other Notable Musicians’ Deaths…

Deaths from all over the Earth – shows that music ties us altogether. French singer, Syrian tenor singer; American R&B musician, American instrument inventor, Brazilian classical pianist, Portuguese guitar maker; Jamaican percussionist, Indian violinist and composer, Taiwanese drummer, English music journalist, Canadian musician, Serbian rock musician, Ukrainian singer, Indonesian songwriter, British jazz musician… and so many more.

Sadly, more deaths from COVID. Over 3,500 (reported) a day in Russia. Please get vaccinated – not so much for you but for your loved ones – or for that older stranger that you may have accidently exposed ‘cause you’re a “carrier” and don’t know it. Truly may save your life – and theirs. If you want to know more about any of the musicians we lost this past week, please check out

November 2021
3: Georgie Dann, 81, French singer, complications from surgery.

2: Sabah Fakhri, 88, Syrian tenor singer; Ernest Wilson, 69, Jamaican reggae singer (The Clarendonians); Ronnie Wilson, 73, American R&B musician (The Gap Band).

1: Emmett Chapman, 85, American jazz musician, inventor of the Chapman Stick; Nelson Freire, 77, Brazilian classical pianist; Gilberto Grácio, 85, Portuguese guitar maker; Pat Martino, 77, American jazz guitarist and composer; Alvin “Seeco” Patterson, 90, Cuban-born Jamaican percussionist (Bob Marley and the Wailers).

October 2021

31: DJ Stud Doogie, American hip-hop musician (Brand Nubian) (death announced on this date); Prabhakar Jog, 89, Indian violinist and composer; Michel Robidoux, 78, Canadian musician.

30: Fan Tsai, 26, Taiwanese drummer (No Party for Cao Dong).

29: Malcolm Dome, 66, English music journalist (Record Mirror, Kerrang!, Metal Hammer); Raymond Guy LeBlanc, 76, Canadian musician and poet; Renato Zanettovich, 100, Italian violinist.

28: Raša Ðelmaš, 71, Serbian rock musician (YU Grupa, Zebra, Pop Mašina); Victor V. Zhenchenko, 85, Ukrainian poet, translator and singer.

27: Oddie Agam, 68, Indonesian singer-songwriter, kidney damage; Domenico Attanasio, 95, Italian singer; Letieres Leite, 61, Brazilian composer and conductor (Orkestra Rumpilezz); Gay McIntyre, 88, British jazz musician; William Shelby, 65, American funk musician (Dynasty, Lakeside); Benjamin Vallé, 47, Swedish musician (Viagra Boys).

26: Walter Herbert, 73, American music manager (Journey, Roxette, Europe) and musician; Rose Lee Maphis, 98, American country singer.

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