Art of Mass Gatherings Symposium by Performing Arts Readiness, in partnership with Denver Arts & Venues

EVENTS: Art of Mass Gatherings Symposium by Performing Arts Readiness, in partnership with Denver Arts & Venues

Embracing a whole community approach to safety and preparedness means helping event producers master the art of mass gatherings. The symposium will feature indoor panels and outdoor tours of Denver PrideFest led by recognized experts and will bring together local agencies, businesses and organizations to foster collaborations and inspire best-practices.

Gatherings like festivals, concerts and other special events are simultaneously powerful and vulnerable. They can be joyful, life-giving experiences, but they can also be a forum for disaster. They can elevate a community’s sense of pride and identity, yet they can be a source of enormous waste and missed opportunities.

Mass gatherings are a ripe training ground for skill-sharing between creatives, events producers, and the agencies and businesses that serve our communities. Performers, organizers, promoters, vendors, audiences and even the public can be incorporated into a collaborative network and engaged through proper planning and communication. Providing a clear understanding of the myriad systems involved, including water, waste, electricity, communications and shelter, will allow everyone to collaborate better in times of celebration and crisis.

Through a distinct curriculum and diverse training opportunities, we hope to elevate attendees’ ability to enhance their own events and gatherings.

What: Art of Mass Gatherings Symposium
When: Saturday, June 15th, 2019
Where: McNichols Civic Center Building, 144 West Colfax Avenue, Floor 3, Denver 80202
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. MDT
Cost: Up to $25 – tickets here:

Individuals, organizations and businesses interested in:
• Event production in formal & informal venues and spaces
• Sustainable and green events
• Life safety, health and public welfare
• Maximizing scio-cultural engagement
• Enhancing accessibility
• Event waste reduction and management
• Weather emergencies
• Legal concerns and emergency plans
• Mental and physical health first aid
• Crowd management
• Entertainment, emergency and alternative power systems
• Harm reduction, gender safety & trauma-informed practices
• Experimental events, interactive content, innovative programming

9:30-10:00AM – Registration and Coffee
10:00-10:05AM – Recognizing Peoples and Place
10:05-10:10AM – Welcome
10:10-10:50AM – Case Study, Five Points Jazz Festival
10:50-11:00AM – Break/Networking
11:00-12:00PM – Outdoor Tour #1 –Magnify Communications–Security and Crowd Management–Water and Waste Systems–
12:00-12:20PM – Musical Performance by Wheelchair Sports Camp
12:00-1:45PM – Lunch and Keynotes Eliote Durham and Steve Adleman
1:50-2:50PM – Outdoor Tour #2 –Stages and Structures–Power Systems–Unified Command Center–
2:50-3:00PM – Break/Networking
3:00-4:00PM – The Fast and The Curious (20 seconds per slide, 20 slides)
–Harm Reduction–Non-Traditional Venues–Designing for Neuro-Diversity–Optimizing for Hearing Impaired Attendees–Role of Performing Arts in Community Resilience–
4:00-4:30PM – Networking Tea Party

● Steven Adelman, Entertainment Attorney, Event Safety Alliance
● Catherine Beeson, Sensory Friendly Concerts
● Scott Buccieri, Operations Captain, Denver Fire Department
● Janet Burgesser, Certifiably Green
● Tom Clareson, Performing Arts Readiness
● Stephen Collum, Sunbelt Rentals
● Brooke Dilling, City and County of Denver, Five Points Jazz Event Director
● Eliote Durham, BD+20, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Bottlerock
● Matt Eaton, Event Director, Argus Security
● Stacey Forrester, Good Night Out Vancouver
● Bill Germain, Eco-Cycle, Zero Waste Event Manager
● Steven Hardy Braz, Nate Hayden, City and County of Denver, Office of Special Events
● Carol Hiller, Pridefest, Great American Beer Fest
● Ty Hubbard, Five Points Jazz Festival, Juneteenth
● Matthew Kowal, Performing Arts Readiness, Majestic Collaborations
● Megan Lane, City and County of Denver Waste Management
● Aaron Molander, Manager Site Services, Mojo Rentals
● James Robinson, Deputy Chief, Denver Paramedics

Please contact with questions:
Matthew Ché Kowal

For more about the Arts & Cultural Network for Emergency Preparedness:

The Arts & Cultural Network for Emergency Preparedness is home to the intermountain regional survey and study for performing arts entities of all kinds, and is led by Denver Arts & Venues, Performing Arts Readiness and Colorado Creative Industries. We intend to build and support a broader regional network in order to prepare people to produce extraordinary events by embracing the full complexity of a gathering.

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