EVENTS: Balanced Breakfast UMS: Beginners/Annie Phillips/Dressy Bessy – Sunday, July 28th

EVENTS: Balanced Breakfast UMS: Beginners/Annie Phillips/Dressy Bessy – Sunday, July 28th

Reed, host of Balanced Breakfast – will be MCing the meeting this Sunday at the UMS.

Balanced Breakfast Denver meets every month, meetings are open to anybody that is passionate about the Music Industry. This is the 5th year hosting BB on Broadway during Underground Music Showcase. Get ready for a panel featuring Tammy (Dressy Bessy), Annie Phillips (IRL art/ Meow Wolf), & Samantha Barbera (BEGINNERS). The conversation could go many directions in a casual Q & A type atmosphere, this is one not to miss!

Annie has been curating and creating dynamic art filled spaces since 2008. Her company IRL oversees the art departments and art of large festivals and events like ARISE, Sonic Bloom, Far Out Factory, The Underground Music Showcase, Wave Spell, and Gem and Jam. Her day job is with Meow Wolf and her main passion in life is to create platforms for non traditional artists and to keep the underground thriving.

Originally started in SF by Stefan Aronsen, Balanced Breakfast brings together local music industry artists and professionals to meet for breakfast on a regular basis. Now with meetings in 27 cities around the world, attendees talk about actions they can employ that will help the local scene become a place where musicians & industry professionals can make substantial progress doing what they love (music). We are growing super fast and have benefited greatly from the help of breakfast hosts like Reed Fox & Mona Magno.

Balanced Breakfast events are always FREE ($0) to attend.

What: Balanced Breakfast Meeting
Where: Mutiny Information Café, 2 South Broadway, Denver
When: Sunday, July 28th
Times: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Cost: Free!
Ages: Open to All Ages

Please RSVP so that they will have plenty of seating available:

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