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A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU goes out to several of our dues-paying members who have continued to support the work of the Colorado Music Association, k/a COMBO. Even though we have not actively asked for financial help due to the catastrophe that COVID-19 has caused, it is so nice to know that there are musicians out there who still love us and know that organizations like COMBO are very much needed to keep musicians informed on the “business of music” especially in this crazy turn of events. Thank you so much!
COMBO is about the LOVE of Music. Our mission is to assist musicians with the ins & outs of the music industry. We offer guidance and advice to help musicians advance their careers whether it been in writing, performing, teaching, or recording and sound engineering! Our articles represent some phase of the music business that could effect musicians – all musicians – everywhere. Our motto: Elevate Your Musical State!
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Get the full stories on COMBO’s website under the heading “Talent Needed”:
● Gritty Rocks Live! Seeking Female Artists for US Livestream Tour
● SCFD Teen Council Application 2020 – Due July 18th – This Saturday!
● Texas Troubadour Songwriters Contest – Deadline August 3, 2020
● 2020 Telluride Blues Challenge Entries Now Open! [See “Talent Needed” category] .
Featured Member: $50 Friend Puts Out New Album: In Black and White 2020 // Enzi Puts Out New Single ‘Retrograde’
Check out COMBO’s Calendar for Upcoming Events:
Events – July 2020
Sa, 25th – Denver’s Underground Music Showcase – http://www.ums.com
Gone ZOOMING! See Events Category on COMBO’s website!
Mo, 27th – COMBO ZOOM meeting – Discussion on Diversity in the Music Business
Artists – July 2020
[COMBO members: Be sure to send us your shows! Deadline Tuesday nights.] .
Events – August 2020
Su, 2nd – Vintage Voltage Expo / Colorado Guitar Show – Show POSTPONED – See “Events”
Fr-Su, 7th – 9th – Colorado Black Arts Festival virtual experience! Online! – See “Events”
27th – 30th – Tarab Retreat – Colorado Springs – http://www.megyork.com
Artists – August 2020
Su, 2nd – Wendy Clark Band, Bow Mar Beach, Littleton, CO 80123 – more TBA
Events – September 2020
Sa, Su – 4th & 5th – FoCoMX 12 (postponed date from May) – See “Events” for details
BELL RINGERS: Previous article ringing a bell? Look for it on COMBO’s Website!
● Warning Signs of Suicide 1-800-273-TALK
● How to Take Care of Your Mental Health During a Pandemic
● COMBO’s YouTube Channel Features Videos From Our Meetings and Friends
● Updates to the COMBO Resource Pages – List Your Business – Free!
● SCFD Teen Council Application 2020
● ‘Glee’ Actress Naya Rivera Missing After Swimming In California Lake With Her Son
● Britain is Spending Billions to Support the Arts While the U.S. is Letting Culture Slowly Die
● Small towns may have “a longer road ahead” in America’s economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic
● Led Zeppelin’s ‘wounded pit bull’: the terrifying, tragic talent of John Bonham
● Nick Cordero – Dies at Age 41 from COVID-19
● Charlie Daniels – Country Crossover Musician – Dies
● Black Arts Festival is Going Virtual Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
● Ailing and Wheelchair-Bound Yoko Ono is ‘slowing down,’ Insiders Say
● Chris Daniels Sends “Thank Yous” to the People Who Saved His Life
● New Capitol Hill Restaurant Now Home to the Quirky Colfax Museum, Creating a ‘cultural hub’ on Colfax

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