To Anthem or Not to Anthem? After reading so many articles about our national anthem – not only a song that the average American cannot sing – but that the lyrics were written by Francis Scott Key, a slave owner, and which glorify war and are not really about our country. Some such as “God Bless America” (religious), “God Bless the U.S.A.” (associated more with American tragedy), and “America the Beautiful” (really about our country’s scenery) are just not quite perfectly appropriate. Maybe it is time we started looking at writing a national anthem that is more 21st Century and represents the diversity that is this country.
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● Warning Signs of Suicide 1-800-273-TALK
● How to Take Care of Your Mental Health During a Pandemic
● COMBO’s YouTube Channel Features Videos From Our Meetings and Friends
● Updates to the COMBO Resource Pages – List Your Business – Free!
● Black Arts Festival is Going Virtual Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
● An Update on the Durango Songwriters Expo from CEO Jim Attebery
● Memorabilia From Shuttered Colfax Museum Finds New Home
● Alice Cooper Talks Early-’80s ‘blackout albums’: ‘The coke had done its damage’
● Op-Ed: When I Die, Scatter My Ashes at the Mercury Cafe
● Cervantes Looking for Designer for Their Merchandise
● The Clocktower Cabaret is Back, Throwing Pandemic-Appropriate Shows
● James Charles Evers – Civil Rights Activist – and Blues DJ
● Woman Refuses to Social Distance, Appears to Cough on Texas Musician
● Folks on Next Door.com Praise Practicing Musician
● New Bill Aims To Help Music Venues Suffering Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
● Sing Into the Funnel Please: Inside the Covid-19 Lab Hoping to Declare Singing Safe
● Healthy Concertgoers Wanted for German Coronavirus Experiment
● Stat of the Week: 61% of Universal Music Group’s Revenue Comes from Local Artists
● Chicano Music Festival on the Radio – KUVO
● Congratulations to Cary Morin on His Upcoming Release, Dockside Saints, on August 7th
● Twitter Disables Donald Trump Tweet after Linkin Park Copyright Complaint
● News Writer John Moore Lists Denver Businesses That Have Closed for Good – OUCH!
● Lumineers, Rateliff and Flobots Boycott Fiddler’s Green and Greenwood Village
● Live Nation, iHeartRadio, SIRIUSXM, Ticketmaster, and Pandora are Now All Under the Control of One Man.
● Durango Songwriters Expo: A Virtual Song Submission Opportunity…
● High Plains Buffalo Jam – Terry Bison Ranch, Cheyenne, WY – This Saturday, July 25th
● The Underground Music 2020 “Something” on July 25th
● COMBO Meeting: A Discussion of the Lack of Diversity on the Booking/Buying Side of the Colorado Music Industry

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