From John Moore on Facebook: It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay (10/10/20), which among other things calls attention to the fact that every 40 seconds, someone loses their life to suicide. It doesn’t always take a triggering traumatic incident to put a gun or a blade or a bottle of pills in a person’s hands. Sadness can slip into depression as easily as unattended ice melts into water.

Sometimes all it takes is for a person to go unnoticed or unappreciated or unrecognized just long enough to feel invisible, worthless and alone. One simple way we all can help someone who might be in an unseen downward slide is to simply acknowledge they exist. Knowing who in your life might be withdrawn is additionally challenging in these isolated COVID times. Think of someone you haven’t recently engaged who might be withdrawn and check in.

Don’t assume everything is OK. Listen to them. Let them know it’s OK not to be OK. Then check in with them again tomorrow, even just a quick text. And the day after that. Feeling seen and valued is as necessary to human life as water is to a plant. And we all know what happens if you don’t water a plant.
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