Special guest appearance by Jenny Shawhan at COMBO’s Songwriting Showcase & Awards Show

COMBO will be presenting some of the top scoring songwriters of their 6th Annual Songwriting Contest at the Hard Rock Café on Saturday, November 17th from 8:00 until 10:00 p.m. We will also be honoring Colorado music businesses who have shown consistent great customer service and have gone out of their way to accommodate the needs of our musicians!

Please plan to attend to support these musicians and businesses. Remember that the Hard Rock is a restaurant and that under 21s are allowed! We do recommend, though, that you leave the little ones at home – kind of late for them to be out! Come early and have a wonderful, tasty meal while you’re there. Good time to meet your musical buddies for long-time overdue visit!

What: COMBO’s Singer/Songwriter Showcase and Awards Show
Where: Hard Rock Café, Denver Pavilions, 500 16th Street [Mall], Denver, CO
Time: 8:00 until 9:30 p.m. | Stay later and enjoy the sounds of the Cass Clayton Band ‘til 11:30
Cost: FREE TO ATTEND! Your budget’s choice of a meal and drink!
Ages: Everyone – NO age limits! Bring the members of the high school bands! School of Rock?

Confirmed as of this writing: Michelle Roderick (“Don’t Go Tonight”); Cass Clayton (“Phase of the Moon”, “That’s What They Say”, and “Still Water”); LeesaAnn Preitauer (“Breath to Air”), Jerry Greene & Claire Waidley (“Waves”) with performances by special guests Jamie Krutz (Big Paddy) and Jenny Shawhan!

COMBO board members will present awards to Colorado Music Businesses in the following categories (as nominated by our board):
● PROs, Songwriting Groups, and other music-oriented non-profits in Colorado
● Entertainment Lawyers and Law Firms
● Meeting Places; Clubs and Venues
● Promotion Companies and Musicians’ Services
● Guest Speakers
● Recording Studios and Record Makers

We will also honor the Top Scoring Songwriters of our 2018 Sixth Annual COMBO Songwriting Contest. Here’s the list of the top scorers on the compilation CD that went to record companies, music supervisors, publishers, radio shows, and more:

Track #:
#1: “Catch As You Can” by Spencer Townshend Hughes
#2: “Trouble” by Andy Ard
#3: “Heat of Your Hand” by Steve Law
#4: “Phase of the Moon” by Cass Clayton, Taylor Scott
#5: “Backpack” by Benjamin Zastrow
#6: “Don’t Go Tonight” by Michelle Roderick
#7: “It’s Alright” by Robert Hojaboom
#8: “Why You Gotta Be Like That?” by Andy Ard
#9: “That’s What They Say” by Cass Clayton, Taylor Scott
#10: “Sleep Talkin'” by Spencer Townshend Hughes
#11: “Waves” by Jerry Greene, Clair Waidley
#12: “Breath To Air” by LeesaAnn Preitauer
#13: “New Day” by Steve Law
#14: “Recovery” by Gabriel Rael
#15: “Still Water” by Cass Clayton, Taylor Scott
#16: “Over Your Head” by Steve Law
#17: “Beautiful With A Y-O-U” by Sharon Glassman
#18: “I Can’t Fall Down” by Riley G. Jones

The top scoring song was “Trouble” by Andy Ard. The winner of the DSE entry was Michelle Roderick.

We want to take a moment to thank our judges, too, for taking their time and trouble to listen to, score, and to offer some comments for the writers.

Remember: The songs are uploaded to Dropbox and do not have titles or songwriters attached to them. The judges have no idea who wrote the songs, and judge only on the lyrics and melody – not on the production.

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